Dog breeds Group 5 - Section 1 from the FCI - Nordic Sled Dogs.

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types.

Type dogs Spitz, or Nordic races, as they are also called, even though they were born on different continents, have all their origins in the North, in cold weather, hard, that made only healthy and robust specimens survive. They generally have similar similarities: bushy hair, double, the sharp ears, the tail tapered and folded in the back. They are like wolves in their appearance and behavior.

These dogs have and have varied uses: hunt, herding and guarding the cattle herds, monitor and defend, company, destroy pests, on the pull of the sleds.

These dogs love exercise, the long walks, some like to roam, walking away from home when they can, especially to dogs of breeds with a powerful hunter instinct (Akita, Mally, Samoyed, Siberian Husky), they like to pull the sled, but men must be careful not to let them do many activities at temperatures above 15 ° C. These dogs feel better in cold weather, loving the snow and the low temperature.

They get along well with other dogs, they are not aggressive, they are quite sociable, some of them don't like loneliness, and prefer the company of other dogs. They are intelligent, brave, eager to learn, quite submissive but also independent, sometimes stubborn.

They are recommended for sports people, with experience in raising dogs, that they can offer to dogs, the ability to exercise a lot.

  • Section 1: ▷ All about the different races: Origins and history – Physical characteristics – Character and skills – Health and maintenance – Images and videos.
  • 1 Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute

    The Alaskan Malamute It has a reputation for being stubborn and difficult to train between people do not know.

    Alaskan Malamute


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    2 Canadian Eskimo Dog

    Canadian Eskimo Dog

    The dog Canadian Eskimo Dog it's a sled dog, the North of Canada natural. This is possibly one of the dogs more tolerant

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    3 Greenland Dog


    The Greenland Dog not an easy breed to control, it is necessary to thoroughly document their character.

    It belongs to the races of

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    4 Samoyed


    The Samoyed, Although it may seem a teddy, It is a true athlete who needs exercise daily.

    Where does he come from Samoyed originally?

    The Samoyed is the

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    5 Siberian Husky

    Siberian Husky

    The Siberian Husky is a highly specialized working dog. Running is his passion.

    Where does he come from Siberian Husky originally?

    The history of

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    6 Yakutian Laika

    Laïka Yakutian

    The Yakutian Laika they are very intelligent dogs, with a prodigious sense of smell and an exaggerated sense of direction

    The history of the Laika

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