Canadian Eskimo

Esquimal Canadiense

The dog Canadian Eskimo is an Arctic breed of dog, often considered the oldest in North America and the most rare indigenous domestic canine pedigree.

The Canadian Eskimo dog is a dog sled, the North of Canada natural. This is possibly one of the dogs more cold-tolerant. It is highly resistant such as dog sledding in the winter and summer load; He manages to carry much weight in long distances at a considerable speed. This has been one of the reasons, that has been used in the Arctic and Antarctic exploration. In the present is one of the favorite dogs in sled races.

For a long time, they were the preferred transportation method of the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, the traditional working dog teams became increasingly unusual in North, Since the 1960s, appeared the snowmobiles, It became increasingly popular, as you are fast and efficient. Today many people in the North and Nunavutmiut (Inuit living in Nunavut) they prefer to use the Alaskan Husky, they are less resistant but faster. That being that the Canadian Eskimo dog, decrease your chances of survival, and each time are less...

The Canadian Eskimo, has small ears, triangular, placed high on the head and well separated. It keeps stops. The outer mantle of long medium and dense inner mantle. All colours and combinations are allowed. The tail has long hair and keeps it on the back. The height of the males is of 58 a 70 cm.. The females measure of 50 a 60 cm.. The weight of 30 a 40 Kg. in males. Females weigh in 18 a 30 Kg.
This is a working breed has extraordinary qualities to survive and adapt extreme places, more than any dog. [stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”680″]It is quiet, curious, However, Once they enter the instincts of survival in action, those instincts that have helped him adapt to the environment and conditions where their ancestors have lived for a thousand, perhaps too much for a House dog.

Taking into account that is a dog that historically, It has been used to work in packs (dog sleds), We must remember that the order of command, the role of Chief, is very strong. Y, need to educate him what from puppy, show him who's boss, strongly, love and patience.

The Canadian Eskimo dog is best known for "canadian eskimo dog", "eskimo dog" and “Canadian Inuit”.

Canadian Eskimo

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