The Balinese cat It can boast of having between close to the famous relatives Siamese twins.

It is not clear that the gene for long hair has been always present in the Siamese, but in 1928 There was a Siamese of long hair on Great Britain, and as a recessive trait, It is not unlikely that the first Siamese carried West had that gene. These long-haired Siamese are often sold as pets, but after the second world war, Flow Dorsey, a nurturer of California, began to work with them. In 1955 was presented the resulting long-haired Siamese, and American records recognized in 1961. In the middle of the Decade of 1970 they arrived in Europe. Due to the objections of Siamese breeders, the name was changed by the pellets. The traditional pellets is promoted by the breeders of the TCA who believe that, like the Siamese, this breed has gradually weakened.

There is a small confusion related to the colors of the pellets. In Europe, this breed has a wide variety of colors and even atigrados patterns. However, in North America, the CFA and the only TCA recognize four original colors: the seal, Blue, the chocolate and lilac, as in the Siamese.

THE CEA classifies other colors and various atigrados as a breed apart, the Javanese. The average length of the pellets fur falls straight on the body, and its silky texture makes it relatively easy to care for, but in other respects, the pellets requires great maintenance. It is not a cat who feels to watch the world pass, but a curious breed that will investigate corners of your home that didn't remove it. The pellets enjoys in the center of the action and commenting all, and its owner must be prepared to entertain, preferably with another feline companion.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”345″]Elegant, slender and intensely sociable, enjoy being at the feet of their owner or being the center of attention.

It is dynamic and requires constant stimulation, both physical and mental.

Although it may seem like an elegant pet, the intelligent and agile pellets preserves remedies preserved their wild ancestors. But her pale and thin hair isn't the ideal protection against the Sun, and a dotted cream like this can suffer burns to the ears and other areas.

Alternative names: Long-haired Siamese

Cats Dr. Bruce Fogle

Breeds of cats: Balinese cat

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