American Burmese

Burmés americano

The origins of all the cats burrneses they can be traced to a single female. Although the pattern Burmese cats knew much in your country, and perhaps even presented as a sort of Siamese in Britain at the end of the 19th century, the founder of the renowned race was the Wong Mau cat. He took her from Burma (now Myanmar) to America, in 1930, United States Navy psychiatrist, Joseph Thompson. Ironically, Wong Mau was not other.

When her did with a Siamese, the litter that produced had kittens with the typical Siamese pointed pattern and some with darker coats, more subtle tips, some so suliles just had pointed. This means that carrying the genes of two patterns of tips and, in fact, What is now called a lonquinés.

The subtle tips kittens were those that gave rise to the Burmese as we know it today. The race was recognized within few years, but led to disagreements with the community of cat breeding and, as a result, It was withdrawn from the CFA some years later. Specialized breeders work led to the restoration of the Burmese in the Decade of 1950, and until recently was among the top ten registered breeds.

The Burmese is defined mainly by the subtly shaded pattern of their thin coat, Satin, called sepia. It has a muscular body that is surprisingly heavy for its size, This makes the cat describe affectionately as "bricks wrapped in silk". Their characteristic huge round eyes are extremely expressive.

For many years, the only permissible colour in the American Burmese was the marta (genetically black). The cats other colours - blue, chocolate (called Champagne) and lilac (called Platinum)-they were born from time to time, and the CFA put them in a separate category, call mandalays, until 1984. At the other end, the TICA accepted all colors.

Although the burmeses are quieter . and relaxed than most other Asians, yet ansian company; some owners call them 'sailboat cats' because of its propensity to stick.

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