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The European Burmese has the same origins as the American Burmese, that goes back to Wong Man, led cat of Burma to America in 1930. Imported American cats, descendants of Wong Mau, Great Britain, and the Brown was recognized in 1952, but after the race was divided to take different forms in both sides of the Atlantic. In Europe, the breeders preferred a more typically Eastern aspect, and they were also interested in a wider color scale.

The color blue, a recessive trait carried by cats imported from America, accepted a few years. The reddish colors and the turtle, It resulted from an accidental crossing, they were recognized in the Decade of 1970. Great Britain cats were exported to Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand in the Decade of 1950. As a result, the race in these countries follow the European type. The FIFé allows green eyes, but the GCCF considers it a defect.

On both sides of the Atlantic, the Burmese still appears among the most popular races, but looks better in Europe, where short hair cats prevail over copies of long hair.

European Burmese, as the American, characterized primarily by the sepia pattern of fur, It turns gradually in the uniform and dark tips on the roots, without markings striped cat. The coat is short and thin, glued to the body and do not need daily care. Thin legs hold a fairly weak body, but muscular, surprisingly heavy for its size.

The head is the feature in which the European Burmese differs more than the American type. It has a wedge and the snout is blunt; the eyes are separated, they are round and just ripped.

It is a gregarious cat, and he is happy if it is part of a House with many cats. It is less noisy and acüvo than other Eastern races, What makes it a more peaceful partner.

See European Burmese.

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