California spangled

California Spangled

The California Spangled is a crossing of strains, including the of the Abyssinia, American short hair and British short hair.

In 1971 the Californian Paul Cascy was proposed to create a mottled aspect wild cat, to highlight the plight of the large cats hunted furtively and in danger of extinction in Africa.

California spangled

Ironically, in 1986, the California Spangled It was included in a catalogue containing also fur coats.

The breed is rare and they were usually expensive, priced between 600 and 2000 EUR.

He was the victim of its own success: the launch upset many people in the world of breeding and preservation of cats, While cats demand decreased copies in breeding. It has only been recognized, and recently, by the TICA.

This cat gives the initial be a miniature of Leopard print

The California spangled is a strong cat, Agile, that goes as a Hunter, given to stalk their toys, but amiable fellow.

Alternative name: Spangle

Breeds of cats: California spangled

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