Celtic shorthair

Céltico de pelo corto
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The cat Celtic shorthair It corresponds to a medium European domestic cat, It has developed course, without any breeding plan.

The Celtic of short hair has its counterparts in Great Britain ( British Shorthair ) and EE.UU. ( American Shorthair ).

Was not up 1982, When the FIFE He recorded the Celtic type of short hair as a breed apart with its own standard.

Since the breed was developed from domestic cats, they have very different temperaments, the character of Europeans or Celtic shorthair is impossible to summarize.

The members of this breed can be very affectionate, but there are others who prefer to be outside and chase mice. The majority of Europeans are strong and healthy, and they are generally friendly. They get along well with other cats and tolerate dogs well. They are intelligent and playful, and most of them are experts in the maintenance of houses and gardens free of mice.

In terms of personality and appearance of the hair, the Celtic is comparable to the current European shorthair cats domestic. It is a muscular, medium-sized to large, with a broad and well muscled chest. The legs are strong and the tail is fairly thick at the base, declining to a rounded tip.

The head is relatively large and rounded. The ears are the medium-sized with slightly rounded tips, It may have Tufts.

The eyes are rounded and open.

Breeds of cats: Celtic shorthair

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