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Cherubim cat
Federations: IRCA

The "premium" breed known today as Ragdoll cat is an early descendant of a line of Cherubim cats.
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Before becoming the RagaMuffins cat on ACFA ⓘ , This breed of cat was collectively known as Cherubim cat and registered in the IRCA registry of Ann Baker, the International Association of Ragdoll cats.

The efforts of Ann Baker by breeding cats began in the early s 60 and were officially established in 1971 with the formation of IRCA, developing his first line of cats, the Ragdoll cat who was selected to be just a colored cat.

During the following 23 years he continued to develop other breeding lines using other breeds and increasing genetic diversity; these lines included all the colors and patterns. All breeding lines developed throughout those years were collectively referred to as Cherubim cats and registered in the IRCA for their lines of development – all these lines together were the original founding breeding lines. The Cherubim cats.

NOTE: The race “first” known today as Ragdoll cat is an early descendant of a line of Cherubim cats -> the Ragdolls of the IRCA ⓘ only.

The founders were actively breeding the entire spectrum of lines of Cherubim cats in the IRCA ⓘ until 1992, When, due to the deterioration of the health and stability of Ann Baker, they decided to leave the IRCA ⓘ and seek recognition as a race within the formal organizations of Cat Fancy.

Contracts with Ann Baker stipulated that if breeders continued to breed cats of the IRCA ⓘ off your record, name “Ragdoll” could not be used to describe cats bred. The name Cherubim had also been recorded by Ann at that time. So, even though the RagaMuffin cats were in fact the Cherubim cats original, and that the logical thing would have been to keep Cherubim as breed name, the need arose for “change name” to remain ethically faithful to their contracts.

Today, the RagaMuffin cat continues the legacy of its founders by preserving the original focus of the Cherubim cat in personality, the sweet appearance and the genetically diverse and solid health.

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