Cornish rex

Cornish Rex

In 1950 appeared a kitten's fur curled in a bait born on a farm in Bodmin, in Cornwall. The owner, Nina Ennismore, He considered the fact as similar to the «rex» mutation in rabbits, and raised the kitten, Kallibunker, as his mother, This serene. The mixture of kittens in the resulting ESCA demonstrated that the trait is recessive, and breeding a rex, rex led to all descendants Rex. The hair short burmeses and British were used to develop the breed in Great Britain, While the Siamese pelocorto and Oriental they were introduced in the lineages of North America, where the cat had arrived in 1957. That is why there is a different style of CAT on each side of the Atlantic.

Physical characteristics

The founder of the race, Kallibunker, It may have had genes from Eastern judging from the appearance and the character he bequeathed: the cornish rex It is not like any typical British farm cat, but generally it has a slim look, with long legs and arched spine. In addition to this, and the characteristic of the curly coat which defines, the race has developed differently in Europe and North America. In Europe, the complexion is typically muscular and the head is wedge-shaped, with the straight nose. In North America, the trend has been towards a more similar to the Greyhound complexion, with the remetida belly and more rounded head, with Roman nose.
There is also a German Rex, the rexing, found in German cats of 1946, which it was confirmed that he had the same mutation, but the German rex has not enjoyed the success of the cornish rex.

Character and skills

Usually, usually very attached to his master. Fits very well live in an apartment and is not very cold friend. Will be covered with a blanket to sleep or make a hole under the sheets of the bed.
Periodically you must clean his ears and his eyes as they tend to disturb secretions. This is not a sign of disease, It is only a feature of the breed.

Active, bold, and even acrobatic, the cornish rex is usually noisy and gregarious.

Breeds of cats: Cornish rex

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