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German Angora cat
Recognized by WCF

Angora alemán
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At the end of the 19th century they appeared repeatedly in the paintings of Anton Julio Adán, call “Adam-cats”, in the from Henriette Ronner-Knip and in the work of Arthur Heyer strikingly similar this breed semi-long haired cats.

In this period there was no organized breeding of pedigreed cats on the mainland.

The German Angora cat was originally bred from semi-longhair cats bred and house cats by Mrs.. Aschemeier who retired from breeding in 2010 . Aschemeier always referred to his long-haired cats, as German, not as Angoras.

The German Angora cat was not recognized by any cat association.

The breeders of the Angora Alemán they claimed there was no German Longhair Cat genuine since they are extinct. They describe the German Angora cat as long-haired natural in the same way as al “Norwegian Forest Cat “, both are natural hairy breeds.

Was not up 2007, When were the hairy Germans recognized. The German Angora cat longhair and the German Longhair Cat they were synonymous with a race.

In 2007, the Council of administration of the Club German of cat Angora rejected this idea, that ended in a dispute that ended up dividing the Group of breeders.

The German Angora became a trademark and could only be bred by the German Angora Cat Club. International recognition has not been sought.

In the meantime, the German Longhair Cat is raised to meet the old image. Both breeds are described as very similar and both have crossed to the old style of the Persians to improve conformation and coat.

Physical characteristics

This breed has a silky hair, with a lot of background layers and do not tend to sticky. Your body is strong and robust (Cobbytyp). It has a round head and a powerful broad nasal bridge. The eye color should be green, but other colours are permitted. The tail is profusely covered and is intended to show long hair waving. All colors are permitted.

Character and skills

The German Angora cat is considered an active and playful cat, very people-oriented. In a group it is social and friendly.

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