Desert lynx cat
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The Desert lynx cat is called many times Caracal. This is wrong, since the Caracal does not belong to the genus Lynx nor is it closely related to lynxes. In fact, is more related to the serval, with which it is often crossed while in captivity.

desert lynx



The cat Desert lynx is originally from the United States and is the result of crosses between the American shorttail lynx (bobcat) with domestic cats.
The races used to create the Desert lynx at first are the Maine Coon cat, the Manx cat, Pixie Bob cat and the Bobcat (Lynx rufus).

You do not need a license to own a Desert lynx cat.

Crossbreeds with unregistered or purebred cats are allowed until 1 in January of 2013. However, such crosses must be chosen carefully to complement the general type of the breed group Desert Lynx, It includes Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Mohave Bobs and Alpine Lynx. Después del 1 in January of 2013, external crossings are not allowed, excepto con gatos listados en el libro de cría o en el libro de fundación del Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) or from another record.

The Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Mohave Bobs and Alpine Lynx they can be raised together, with an offspring registered as follows:

  • All the white kittens (including straight and curly hairs and straight or curly ears) are recorded as Alpine Lynx.
  • All non-white kittens with curly fur are recorded as Mohave Bobs.
  • All non-white kittens with straight hair and straight ears are registered as Desert Lynx.
  • All non-white kittens with straight fur and curly ears are recorded as Highland Lynx.

The curly ears of the Highland Lynx are due to a dominant gene that curls the ears and reduces their size. When these races interbreed, los gatitos de orejas lisas resultantes de la cría no llevan ningún gen de orejas rizadas.

Non-white kittens do not carry the gene for the color white. So, breeders who wish to work only with Desert Lynx no tendrían que preocuparse por la obtención de genes recesivos de orejas rizadas en Desert Lynx have a cat Highlander cat in his ancestry. Los criadores que no deseen trabajar con el lince alpino no tendrían que preocuparse por los gatitos blancos siempre que ninguno de los padres sea un Alpine Lynx.

Curly coat is caused by a dominant gene. Breeders who do not wish to work with him Mohave Bobs they don't have to worry about this as long as neither parent has curly fur.

These breeds are identical in body type.

*Hay varias razas de gatos cuyos orígenes se especula que están entrelazados con el European wildcat (Felis silvestris). The most common are gato Pixie Bob and the races of the group of Desert Lynx (Desert Lynx, Highlander cat, Mohave Bobs and Alpine Lynx). It is important to note that DNA testing of these cats has not yielded positive results for the presence of DNA from European wildcat. There is no evidence that these cats have feral ancestry.

Physical characteristics

It is a big cat, strong and muscular. The head it's big and round, the males have the jaws more developed and wide. The snout It is square and the nose is wide. The ears are large, with tufts of hair long in the tips and along the inner edge. The eyes they are large, almond-shaped, su color varía entre el verde y el dorado (they can be blue in the color of “snow”). The neck he is thick and muscular, strong and muscular body, straight and with a very powerful lower train. The legs they are strong and straight, the feet large with tufts of hair between the fingers. The tail is short or may not be.

They can be short or long hair, its fur is soft to the touch. You can have three types of patterns in the drawing of his fur:

  • Spotted (type Leopard): snow, Silver, blue, coal, Lavender, chocolate, red, copper, Beige and black.
  • Marble: just like the previous ones are but the pattern with rosettes instead of spots.
  • Clouded leopard: stains can become very large and in different ways.

Character and skills

They have a calm temperament, they are playful, affectionate and very loyal to their owners. They are intelligent and love to family life, they are also very social with other animals.

Although the Desert Lynx it is a cross between domestic and wild cat breeds, some owners say it behaves more like a domestic dog than a cat. While some cat breeds are distant, this cat loves spending time with his humans.

Evidence shows that the Desert Lynx it is a good option if you have children, since it adores its humans and is a loving race. However, es vital que empiece la socialización pronto para que se establezcan los límites por ambas partes. It is important to keep in mind that each cat is an individual, so not everyone will react in the same way with children.

For sale "Desert lynx cat"

If you are looking for a Desert lynx cat, ask the breeder that cat or kitten is registered in the IPCBA.
Si no es así y el gato está registrado con REFR or other record, then what you are buying is probably a Highlander cat.

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