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Mau is an Egyptian word for "cat", and all existing races, the mau is probably which bears more resemblance to domestic cats of ancient Egypt. This appearance is not due to recreation detailed with various races or varieties, but to the descendants of the race of Egyptian Street cats that may have lived in the same region and have been essentially equal for millennia.

If the appearance of this variety is taken as the date of the race, It is by far the oldest in the world. More recently, the mau as breed of pedigree is the creation of Nathalie Troubetskoy, exiled Russian living in Italy since the second world war, it imported cats of Cairo. Reproduced them and showed the resulting kittens in Europe, and in United States recorded, where is installed in 1956. The full recognition of the breed took another twenty years, and much more in Great Britain, where was delayed because of the confusion with the atigrados spotted cats similarc: formerly called maits and were part of the oriental short hair, and by its similarity to the Ocicat.

The mau is very similar to the cats represented in walls and Egyptian scrolls, with a long body, adético and patches that do not follow any discernible pattern. Also has a 'belly flap' of skin on the back of the abdomen, an unusual feature that gives him great mobility and considers that it contributes to the incredible acceleration of the mau.

There is the only other race who has this tab is the American keuda.
Eyes differ from the old images, It shows close eyes, wild look; the mau are wide, rounded and concerned look. Breeders have worked to give the mau docile temperament worth cats today, but it remains independent, Smart and a fierce Hunter. If deprived of entertainment or freedom you can devote to pursue and destroy whatever.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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