Siberian Forest Cat

Gato Bosque de Siberia

As other breeds of cats big and hairy, It is the result of the harsh climate of the Earth, he favored the more resistant hunters with a fur that protected them from the cold. Not recognized as a race until the I980, but then spread quickly through their export to Europe and North America in the Decade of 1990, first with the name of cat of the Siberian Forest Cat.

Gato Bosque de SiberiaIt is now accepted in the majority of the records, but his name has been changed to avoid confusion with the Norwegian Forest Cat. The dotted version, so-called neva masquerait, not recognized in all paites.Although there are some variations of the standard according to the country, everyone agrees on the together basic!.

The Siberian is a strong and muscular cat, large body and solid legs. Wild aspect pelage has a top layer slightly oily and waterproof, and a less thick, insulating, designed to protect it from the penetrating cold.His past is evident in his personality and appearance.

Although sociable and quiet, is active and enterprising, but it is not adapted to the role of cuddlier cat. Contrary to what is stated, It is not less allergenic than other cats.

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Alternative names: Neva Masquerade / Moscow Semi-longhair / Siberian

Breeds of cats: The Siberian forest cat

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