Gato Tiffanie


This race, the only member of the Group of Asian long-haired, Persian chinchilla of the Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg dates back to the same mating of the cat and the Burmese. The longest hair did not appear in the first generation, but later.
The only tifTanie is recognized in Great Britain. The FIEe is the burmilla, in the Group of Asian Britain, and in North America has become confused with the Chantilly/Tífany. In Australia there is also a breeding program of the tiffanie.

The tiffanie inherited their aspect of the Burmese, and his spectacular coat of the Persian chinchilla. It is not as long or as thick as a Persian, so it is much easier to care for. It also has a silky necklace and plumed tail. It is not as expressive as the Burmese or as quiet as the Persian, why owners and their breeders consider it more balanced and perfect long-haired cat.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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