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Posted by pets | 8 July 2011

Chinese Harlequin

Alrlequín chino


The color pattern of the Chinese Harlequin is called Van. This pattern is also found in the Turkish Van, but this cat is long-haired.

It is a domestic breed, hair short, bicolor: a predominantly white cat, but with a black tail and black spots on the head and body.

The Chinese Harlequin found in other places of China, but they are rare. They are accepted as a thoroughbred by the International Cat Association.
They are represented in a large number of ancient Chinese art.

It said that it was an attempt to re-create the old Chinese cat, a race that disappeared.

Breeds of cats: Chinese Harlequin

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4 comments on “Chinese Harlequin
  1. Manuel says:

    I'd like to have a cat Harlequin .

  2. Isabel says:

    I'd like to have a cat Harlequin . 🙂

  3. Isabel says:

    I have a Harlequin

  4. Isabel says:

    And is the same as that

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