Chinese Harlequin Cat
Categoría VI - TICA

Alrlequín chino



This feline breed is listed as one of the category VI breeds. under the clause 307.7 of the TICA rules (International Cat Association). The Chinese Harlequin Cat has, of course, the word “Chinese” in the name, but I don't think this cat is from China or a Chinese feline breed. The TICA, from what i see, does not explain the meaning of Category VI, except it's the lowest category. The first four categories are Established Breeds (category 1), Natural breeds (category 2), Variant Breed / Mutation (category 3) and Domestic Hybrid Breed (category 4).

The color pattern of the Chinese Harlequin is called Van. Este patrón también se encuentra en los gatos Turkish van, but this cat is long-haired.

It is a domestic breed, hair short, bicolor: a predominantly white cat, but with a black tail and black spots on the head and body.

The Chinese Harlequin Cat se pueden encontrar en otros lugares de China, but they are rare. They are accepted as a thoroughbred by the International Cat Association.

They are represented in a large number of ancient Chinese art.

It said that it was an attempt to re-create the old Chinese cat, a race that disappeared.

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