Shorthair japanese bobtail

Bobtail japonés de pelo corto

A theory of the Shorthair japanese bobtail indicates that they came from the Asian continent to Japan makes at least 1.000 years and that in the next five centuries were exclusive property of the aristocracy.

In 1602, the Japanese authorities decreed that all cats should be free to help deal with rodents threatening the silkworms. The purchase or sale of cats was illegal, and thereafter, bobtail cats began to live on farms and to wander through the streets. The Japanese Bobtail became that way in the “Street cats” of Japan. In the old Japan, a cat with a forked tail – with two ends – considered a disguised demon. It is possible that cats with normal queue were persecuted, which would have encouraged reproduction in cats with short tail Japan.

Currently the Shorthair japanese bobtail is a cat with very high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes that give it an air “Asian” Unlike other breeds of cats, and the small Pom-Pom tail that seems of a rabbit. Medium-sized, his muscular body draws lines long, sharp.
There are two varieties, one with short hair and the other semilargo hair.

Lively, Extrovert, independent, curious, She has a strong personality as all Oriental cats. It is not always friendly with other pets, especially with dogs. Great player, Gets on well with children. “Talkative”, “Canta” in a low voice. Very loving and very attached to his master. Balanced, due to his excellent character, adapts well to live in an apartment. Sports, hunting, She loves water. Its maintenance is reduced to a weekly brushing.

Their ancestors are represented in Japanese art and superstition might have influenced the perpetuation of its most characteristic feature, its short tail of 8-10 cm..

The Bobtail is seen in all Japan in the famous “Mancki-neko“, or cat who greets, a popular amulet of luck.

Breeds of cats: Shorthair japanese bobtail

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