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Shorthair japanese bobtail
Recognized by the TICA

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Most official bodies consider that the Shorthair japanese bobtail It is a variety of Japanese Bobtail, but the TICA (International Cat Association) consider it to be a breed in its own right.

Bobtail japonés de pelo corto

Physical characteristics

The Japanese Bobtail looks similar to a domestic cat, but with a very shortened tail.

Its coat is short and, mostly, bicolor (white-red or white-black); the tricolor variety, less common, is especially popular. Are size medium, but very light. Even the males, that do not weigh much more than females, reach a maximum of just 3 kg.

  • Body: The body is medium in size, elongated, slim and elegant, but muscular.
  • The legs: they are long and thin, oval legs.
  • The tail: must be bent and / or curved and be shorter than 8 cm.. The fur on the tail is longer than the rest of the body (pompom effect).
  • Head: The head is no longer than it is wide and is shaped like an equilateral triangle with smooth contours.
  • The profile: is slightly curved. The muzzle is deviated and slightly rounded.
  • The chin and lower jaw: they are strong.
  • Ears: The ears are large and erect. They are far apart, the tips are slightly rounded.
  • Eyes: The eyes are large, almond-shaped. They are placed slightly obliquely. The color of the eyes corresponds to the color of the coat.
  • Fur: The coat is short and smooth. Has a silky texture and hardly any undercoat.
  • Color variations: The colors chocolate and cinnamon, as well as its dilution (lilac and fawn) are available in all combinations. (Bicolor, Tricolor, Striped) they are not recognized. A pattern with dots is also not recognized. Everyone else
    All other colors and designs are accepted. Any amount of white is allowed.

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