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Antipodean cat
Registration: CATZ Inc

The Antipodean cat was previously known as the New Zealand shorthair cat and / or the Australian longhair cat.




The New Zealand cat (domestic) shorthair or longhair is New Zealand's own breed, whose ancestors are the cats that reached the antipodes with the first pioneers of Europe. These early cats were brought by early settlers to hunt the rats that threatened the food supply and later worked as “farm cats” and as “store cats” in the new colonies.

For more than 150 years, these robust cats have flourished, establishing itself as New Zealand's indigenous house cat, facing the cold of the mountain ranges, to the humidity of subtropical forests, to the dry tundra that borders desert regions and the dangers of a busy life within the confines of the growing city.

Physical characteristics

The Antipodes can be long-haired or short-haired and brindle in color, solid or percal. Cats with points of color (that is to say, Siamese) cannot be considered true Antipodean cats.

The Antipodean cat has a body medium, solidly built, is a muscular cat. Count with one chest broad and rounded, the shoulders well developed, and a level backward, equally broad of shoulder to the hip.


The head is a slightly truncated triangular wedge. The Antipodes has the cheeks full, the jaws large, a forecrown smoothly rounded, and nose straight or slightly curved down.

The ears are slightly rounded at the tips. The eyes they are big and bright, between rounds and almond-shaped. The color of the eyes of the antipodes can be green, Turquoise Blue, yellow, oro, copper, including blue.

It has legs average length, proportional to the body and legs are firm and forward. The tail is heavier at the base and tapers smoothly at the tip.

The New Zealand Shorthair cat and the of Longhair are now registrable with CATZ Inc. Almost any domestic cat can qualify to be included in the open registry of this new breed. But, there are some rating factors…

First of all, cats must be WHOLE and approved for a registered breeding program. This means they must be used to produce PEDIGRED New Zealand Shorthairs and Longhairs or used in another breeding program where New Zealand Shorthairs and Longhairs are an approved cross..

In second place, although the breed comes in a range of over 90 colors, including all standard solids, tabbies, silver tabbies, bicoloured, calicos and vans, must not show any evidence of HYBRIDIZATION. As with the American Shorthair, cannot be color POINTED, of SEPIA of MINK, Neither CHOCOLATE or LILAC, o CINNAMON o FAWN, all colors showing evidence of Hybridization with the Siamese (himalayan pattern) or the Birman (Sepia pattern), or the Tonkinese (Mink pattern), or the Abyssinian (Where did the Cinnamon and the Fawn come from).

Character and skills

Both shorthair and longhair New Zealand are the family of the cats of the antipodes , and it can be a friendly companion and a playmate for children. The shorthaired antipodes is known for its longevity, good health, and by its ability to easy treatment, they are cordial, happy and loyal. They are recognized for their ability to deal with all climates and conditions.

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