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Russian black


The black Russian was created in 1971, derived from the Russian Blue, and they were accepted as true Russian cats in Australia. These hybrid colors are admitted in some records and others only to a limited extent.

The standard of the breed is exactly the same as the of a Read the rest

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Russian short hair


The Russian Blue was already accepted makes tiempc as a natural blue race, like e Chartreux or the Korat. The breed declined at the beginning of the 20th century but recovered in the Decade of 1950.

More recently, It has been stated that … Read the rest

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Many of the first Siamese twins they have white fingers, or other markings, He eradicated over time. In the Decade of 1960, the breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty cruzé) a Siamese with a American short hair to create a new breed that had the … Read the rest

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It is one of the most easily recognizable breeds of cat. Its pointed coat pattern originated as a mutation in Asia at least five hundred years ago. It is not known if this pattern was very widespread, but it has been associated more with the far East and especially Thailand. These … Read the rest

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Ringtail americano


The American Ringtail is one of the most recent cat breeds existing without registering, It is at this time as a race in a pilot phase. It originated a few years ago, When in 1998 a male street cat was rescued in Fremont, California. When the cat grew up, is … Read the rest

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Selkirk Rex


It comes from a mutation in a litter in Wyoming ((UNITED STATES)UU.) in 1987 He gave the cat a rich coat with hair and curly whiskers.

Subsequently crossed with a Persian black and the offspring also possessed this funny fur.

The American short hair, … Read the rest

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ragamuffin 2

The exact development of the RagaMuffin is a little uncertain. They were developed from cats Ragdoll in the Decade of 1990, When a group of breeders broke away from the international organization of the Ragdoll cat (IRCA), with the purpose of having your own vision … Read the rest

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Pixie Bob

Pixie bob

The pixie bob cat history begins in 1985, in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains of Washington, Carol Ann Brewer found an unusual male kitten. The owners of the kitten had seen a small coastal red close your female cat Lynx. Carol was intrigued by … Read the rest

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