Gato Highland Fold

Item is crossings made between Scottish Fold and the Exotic, Although the long hair is a gene already ported by the Scottish Fold.

The medium to long hair, not woolly, It allows short hair on the face and legs, “pants”, “tail fan”, Tufts on the feet and ears and necklace clearly visible.

Pets allowed all colors except Lavender, chocolate, Himalayan or combinations of these colours with white. Eyes open with a sweet expression, large, well rounded and separated by a wide nose. The color of the eyes correspond with the colour of the fur. The head is round and bent ears increased the effect of roundness.

Highland Fold is a sweet and lovely breed, It is easy live and care for cat, loving that you feel comfortable with all the members of his family. Its tail must be planed with care. You need a bit of interactive game with his owner in order to maintain in good condition.

Longevity rank : 7-12 years.

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  1. with respect to the highlander breed, You can only get it at us.USA or Europe. in Latin America there are no breeders. just say that they are expensive as a preliminary race that is this stage of adoption in T.I.C.A. the first issue dates of the 2004. they might attempt in There they get. Best regards


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