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American Keuda
Unrecognized breed.

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It is thought that the American Keuda is the descendant of some of the first cats brought to Texas and some may have come from Spain in the 16th-17th century. It seems to the Egyptian Mau A lot. But even though the Keudas seem to have roots Want to, This cannot be proven.

The name “Keuda” itself is an abbreviation of the word “Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment“. It is the name of a program (which took place in oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas) that investigated the “type” of cats that survived as farm cats.

Since 2002, This race is in constant development and is currently regarded as provisional race, not yet recognized by international cat registration organizations.

Today, cats Keuda are valued as family pets and as show animals. Only cats Keuda that are descended from the original farm cats can be registered and exhibited.

Isolated and remote colonies, in which the oldest lines have been checked to the maximum, have been the source of breeding cats. The American Association of the Keuda cat is the group currently responsible for its preservation and quality control of this breed. Shows are held and cats are judged according to the breed standard Keuda and the rules of the American Keuda Cat Association (AKCA).

Physical characteristics

American Keuda
American Keuda – catunited.com

The cat American Keuda It is distinguished by its strange shape and its most unique feature, have skin folds on the abdomen and under the elbows, allowing them to spread their legs while walking like a cheetah, and even its legs can rotate.

These cats are of complexion semi-foreign (long tubular body type), with one head modified wedge-shaped, snout neither short nor long and ears moderately large that make the head appear triangular.

The bone structure is medium to large and well muscled. The fur it is smooth and silky, and comes in a variety of familiar patterns and solid colors. The most common are black, the target, the blue, the smoked, the brindle brown, the silver tabby, el color point, the red and, recently, the piebaldo.

The fur is medium to short length and smooth, and its texture is such that unwanted plant matter does not adhere to the fur. They have eyes macaroons. The ears The triangular shape of the American Keuda Cat is slightly rounded and set well back on the head. Sometimes the ears are tufted and have medium hairs inside.

The legs of the cat American Keuda they are well muscled and have approximately the same length in the forequarters and hindquarters, allowing for a fairly level back when the cat is standing. They have queues long and sharp.

Character and skills

"American Keuda"

American Keuda
American Keuda – catunited.com

The American Keuda is known as an active cat, outgoing, inquisitive, smooth and intelligent voice. They are quite adaptable and social. They get along well with children and other pets in the house (provided the proper introductions have been made).

They like to play with the water, so it is recommended to maintain the tanks covered in his presence. Don't be surprised if your adorable Keuda accompanies you in the shower, or want “help him” with the dishes.

The spirit of cologne is quite strong in the American Keuda, so they will often be mothers to a new kitten or defend the garden from a neighboring dog (being friends with your own dog at the same time).

As his physiology is perfect for running, to the Keudas they love it. They love active games with racing, jumps and climbs. So, make sure you bought some scratching posts, ladders, cat trees and other necessary furniture for cats (how much more, best). To the American Keudas they can be taught to walk on a leash.


Due to its fur, it will be enough to brush them once a week. In addition to these factors, not a difficult type of cat to care for, since they are not too interested in attention.


Due to its origin, the American Keuda has the best possible health that a natural cat can have. But, due to extremely thin undercoat, the Keudas they do not tolerate the cold well.

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  1. Hello, I have a cat keuda of 12 weeks, is very cute, loving, highly educated, too much energy, But while it is very healthy, I want to know that health issues with e time and how the disease can be prevented “x” This can be llear to have. Thank you


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