Tarnra Maew or poems from the book of the Gauls (1350-1767) of Thailand distinguishes the si-sawat silvery frosted of other blue cats. This cat is known today as the korat, name of the province of Thailand, where it has its origin. It is not known when arrived to the West. True 'blue Siamese"exhibited in London in 1882 It could have been a korat as a blue oriental short hair. The modern korats were introduced in United States in 1959 and were recognized in 1965. Were United Kingdom in 1972 and they recognized the same year. A recessive neuro-muscular genetic disorder affects some copies, but a program of research is underway to remove it.

The korats have a robust complexion with a densely muscled body and strong legs. The short, thin fur is dotted silver, effect called 'sea foam» in Thailand.

Playful and outgoing, He is happy in a House with many cats, but is bossy, you who like to do what he wants and complain vigorously if it fails.

Source: Cats - Dr. Bruce Fogle

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