Gato mounted

Gato Montés

Is a species of very few people know, the Wildcat was discovered by the French naturalist Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. It is a small cat in South America and has the same size as a normal housecat. The Wildcat is covered with small spots, sometimes showing even rosettes, but usually lacking them and they are covered by plenty of small dots. These cats have a white dot in the form of eye in the back of each ear typical of many species of wild cats.

The Wildcat has been seriously affected by the indiscriminate hunt, for example, between the years 1976 and 1979, in only 3 years, Argentina exported nothing less than 340.000 Geoffroy species skins. Until then had been the ocelot and the ocelot prey of hunters, but as the population decreased due to the above game, the hunters turned their attention to cat Geoffroys.

The cat in captivity is truly a nature, they are very fast. His favorite pastime is to run and play, but they also have a great harmony with their owners who need to see every so often to make sure that they are not very far.

They have such need to run that sometimes they are not aware of their potential and suddenly hit with a piece of furniture or object.

These cats should be trained from an early age, If they are given the opportunity to go to a garden, It is easy to have a cat out of control. The Wildcat is very much a child of 2 years, hyperactive, It never grows. Always use a bottle with atomizer and a strong “No!!” We caution our dog twice, the third is a time in the darkroom and fearless cat will know that something has gone wrong, and that its owner is not very happy. However, the cat mountain dislike anything receiving a reprimand and they won't have fear to defend itself. Chastise them often are challenged to fight, they will move in a circle to your around looking for an advantage to come from behind and surprise you with a mock attack. People sometimes don't understand such behaviour unless you've had a wild cat, It is actually a topic of domain which is most of the time only in the game.

The Wildcat barely maúlla, Sometimes it emits as a small grunt.

Cats Wild should be presented to the family and other pets at a very young age, the younger better, they can hurt or kill the animals with which they are not familiar, But if they grow around other animals domestic and family, is usually not a problem. They will form part of the family, but once a strange person come to our House, our pet usually will hide.

We need to think much when it comes to this race, It is not a cat to leave alone at home surrounded by ornaments, Goodbye from the typical Christmas tree, Although their wild nature for sure it will give you great satisfaction and pass along your pet exciting moments.

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