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Kucing Malaysia
Experimental cats

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Kucing Malasia



The idea of a cat that could identify with Malaysia arose at the end of 1994. Opinions were requested from the different international judges who were in Malaysia. For almost a year these opinions were collected and finally the President of the FIFe and also a member of the Council of the International World Organization for the maintenance and regulation of breed standards, the Mrs. Alva Uddin, proposed the selection of Kucing Malaysia or Malaysian cat.

The breed is recognized by the Malaysian Cat ClubKelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM).

Physical characteristics

It is the first cat of breed Malaysia. It has a conformation similar to that of Tonkinese cat While its color is similar to the Ragdoll. These cats have a white spot on the face and muzzle with white markings on legs colorpoint.

The model for the Kucing Malaysia or Malaysian cat It is that of a medium-sized cat with a muscular body. The main feature is the head egg-shaped that together with the opening of the eyes, should give the characteristic alert appearance of the breed.

The head, wide and rounded at the top has a good height and smooth rounded lines. Cheeks full, the nose long to medium, with the chin moderate. Profile showing a convex curve smooth giving an oval impression.

The hair short and glued to the body, silky, with an inner layer almost hairless.

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