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Coconut Lorikeet (deplanchii)
T. haematodus deplanchii

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Coconut Lorikeet (deplanchii)


Description (1)

26 cm.. of length and a weight of 140 gr.

The Coconut Lorikeet (deplanchii) (T. haematodus deplanchii) is a variation of the nominal (Trichoglossus Haematodus)

Similar to the nominal Haematodus, but slightly paler plumage. The head has a bright blue. Reddish orange on the chest, similar to the Trichoglossus haematodus massena, only that more alive. The abdomen is yellowish green and extends to the back of the neck. The thighs and the feathers under the yellow tail and tail olive green top.


New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands.

Alternative names:

Coconut Lorikeet (deplanchii) (ingles).
Loriquet à tête bleue (deplanchii) (French).
Allfarblori Deplanche (German).
Loris Arco Iris Deplanchii (Portuguese).
Lori Deplanche, Lori Arcoiris Deplanche (español).

scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Scientific name: Trichoglossus haematodus deplanchii
Genus: Trichoglossus
Citation: Verreaux,J & Des Murs, 1860
Protonimo: Trichoglossus Deplanchii


    (1) – Subspecies Coconut Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus)


“Coconut Lorikeet (deplanchii)” (T. haematodus deplanchii)



Photos: by Klaus Rudloff (kdrudloff@web.de) – biolib.cz

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