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Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot
Psittacella madaraszi

Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot



14 cm. length between 34 and 44 g. of weight.

The Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot (Psittacella madaraszi) is very similar to the Modest Tiger-Parrot.

Head brown, slightly paler in the cheeks and ear-coverts because of the light streaks; crown strongly mottled in color yellow, the throat It also shows some pale yellow stains. Mantle and back green, with good dark edges to the feathers; rump with alternation of yellow-green and black. Wings green, marked in blue in curve and along the leading edge; flight feather Blackish with vane Green external, showing a thin yellow margin. Wing feathers light green, underside of flight feather with broadcasting yellow in vane inner. Throat and top of the chest grey-brown; rest of the underparts slightly yellowish-green, paler than upper parts, with the exception of uppertail-coverts red. Upper, the tail green, by down blackish.

Bill grey-blue, White at the tip; irises reddish brown; legs grey.

The female has the head green with front of the crown bluish and heavily barred black and orange pink nape. The rest of them upperparts are slightly more barred that in the male, and underparts are of color green uniform, lack of the colour brown of the throat and the top of chest.

The young birds they are similar to females.


  • Psittacella madaraszi major

    (Rothschild, 1936) – Of approximately 15 cm.. length. The only difference is that it is slightly larger.. The same as the nominal species female.

  • Psittacella madaraszi hallstromi

    (Mayr and Gilliard, 1951) – Of approximately 14,5 cm.. length. Usually more dark and yellow paths from the back of the head and neck more narrow. Females with the black Crown and broad green bordered Orange will be making them by the back of the head.

  • Psittacella madaraszi huonensis

    (Mayr and Rand, 1935) – Of 14 cm.. length. It has the Crown of yellowish-brown. Females have the Crown, neck and back green.


The Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot, usually lives below the Modest Tiger-Parrot. The two two species overlap, usually in the Strip between 1.200 and 2.500 m, Although less numerous the of Madarasz.

It inhabits forests, in secondary vegetation and occasionally cleared areas, being particularly fond of the forest of beech Nothofagus.

It is a quiet species, slow and inconspicuous. You are often seen sitting in pairs on the lower floors of forests, making rash calls at sunset.


Little is known of their reproductive ecology., but they have been observed in breeding conditions in the month of June.


It feeds on seeds, fruit, tough berries and leaves pulp, eat alone or in pairs at different levels within the forest. Have you noticed them is, feeding, in the company of Painted Tiger-Parrot.


Size of the area of distribution (reproduction / resident): 193.000 km2

New Guinea from the mountains in the center of Irian Jaya, Indonesian, through the central mountains of Papua New Guinea, up to the mountain ranges to the South-East, with an isolated population in the Highlands of the Huon Peninsula. The world's population is considered to be more of 50.000 specimens.

Subspecies distribution:

  • Psittacella madaraszi major

    (Rothschild, 1936) – present in the West of its range mountains;

  • Psittacella madaraszi hallstromi

    (Mayr and Gilliard, 1951) – occupies the central mountains of New Guinea;

  • Psittacella madaraszi huonensis

    (Mayr and Rand, 1935) – is located in the northeast of New Guinea (mountains of the huon peninsula).


minor concern

• Current category of the Red List of the UICN: Least concern

• Population trend: Stable

The size of the world's population has not been quantified, It is estimated in more than 50.000 specimens. The species, according to sources, It very rare in its area of distribution (pit et to the. 1997).

The population suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence of any reduction or substantial threats.

"Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot" in captivity:

Not found in captivity.

Alternative names:

Madarasz’s Tiger-Parrot, Madarasz’s Parrot, Madarasz’s Tiger Parrot, Madarász’s Tiger Parrot, Maderasz’s Parrot, Plain-breasted Little Parrot, Plain-breasted Little Tiger-Parrot (ingles).
Perruche de Madarasz (French).
Madaraszpapagei, Madarasz Papagei, Maderaszpapagei, Schuppenkopfpapagei (German).
Psittacella madaraszi (Portuguese).
Lorito de Madarasz, Lorito tigre de Madarasz, Lorito-tigre de Madarasz (español).

scientific classification:

Its scientific and common names commemorate the Hungarian ornithologist Gyula von Madarasz

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Genus: Psittacella
Scientific name: Psittacella madaraszi
Citation: Meyer,AB, 1886
Protonimo: Birding tiger parrot

Videos "Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot"


«Lorito tigre de Madarasz» (Psittacella madaraszi)


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(1) – Photo by © Nancy Bell

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