Modest Tiger-Parrot
Psittacella modesta


14 cm.. length between 42 and 43 g. of weight.

The Modest Tiger-Parrot (Psittacella modesta) has the head Brown olive, with indistinct centers yellow to the feathers of the crown and nape. Mantle dark green, with slightly darker edges to feathers; rump with indistinct greenish-yellow and black mix. Uppertail green, with fringe darker. Wings of color green dark marked in blue on the curve.

Yellow wing feathers. Of flight outer feathers blackish edged green in the bases and with fine yellow margins the vane internal and external. Top of the chest Gris-Oliva below the bend of wing, belly paler, opaque green; undertail-coverts red. Upper, the tail dark green; by down blackish.

The bill grey-blue, whitish tip; irises orange; legs bluish grey.

Female alternating the Brown dark and the pink in the chest, flanks alternating the Green and yellow-green.

  • Sound of the Modest Tiger-Parrot.
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  • Psittacella modesta modesta

    (Schlegel, 1871) – Nominal.

  • Psittacella modesta subcollaris

    (Rand, 1941) – Something more dark in General, the collar yellow on the back of the neck is more brilliant and variable, head brown / dark grey.
    The females with the head darker and some with a slight yellow colouring.

  • Psittacella modesta collaris

    (Ogilvie-Grant, 1914) – The neck yellow, irregularly present. Darker hue at the sides of the head.
    The females have mild brands yellow in the part back from the head.


You can find in the humid mountain forest, forest Moss, edges of secondary vegetation and forests, a altitude between 1.200 and 4.000 m (for the most part between 1,700-2,800 Metro).

The Modest Tiger-Parrot is a bird quiet, discreet, quite docile and difficult to observe. It tends to prefer medium or lower forest and seeks its food crawling or jumping slowly at ground level. They only fly short distances when bother them.

Birds are found alone or in pairs, and they feed on seeds and small fruits.

The young birds as females.


There is no information on the breeding ecology, but a male State of reproduction was observed during the month of June.


Observed feeding is of small fruits; seeds and pieces of berries DURAS were found in their stomachs.


Size of the area of distribution (reproduction / resident): 65.100 km2

New Guinea in Irian Jaya, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Scattered through the uplands, observed in the Vogelkop mountains (isolated population), and after all 136 ° E latitude, through the central mountain belt, in the central mountain ranges, including the Tari area, the range of Victor Emanuel and the District of Mount Hagen, reaching around of 145 ° E. The range overlaps with the species Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot at a length of 1,200 kilometers along the Cordillera central and where the two species overlap. The Modest Tiger-Parrot is usually found in slightly higher altitudes than the Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot. The world's population is thought to be greater of 50.000 specimens. The species is locally common.

Distribution of subspecies:

  • Psittacella modesta modesta

    (Schlegel, 1871) – Nominal.

  • Psittacella modesta subcollaris

    (Rand, 1941) – extends from North of the Maoke mountains to the Montes Hindenburg;

  • Psittacella modesta collaris

    (Ogilvie-Grant, 1914) – is located to the South of the Maoke mountains.


• Current red list category of the UICN: Least concern

• Population trend: Stable

The size of the world population It has not been quantified, Although deemed superior to the 50.000 specimens. The species is reported as locally common (pit et to the. 1997).

The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence of any reduction or substantial threats.

Lorito modest tiger in captivity:

Not found in poultry.

Alternative names:

Modest Tiger-Parrot, Barred Little Parrot, Barred Little Tiger-Parrot, Modest Parrot, Modest Tiger Parrot (English).
Perruche modeste, Perruche olive (French).
Olivpapagei, Oliv-Papagei (German).
Psittacella modesta (Portuguese).
Lorito Modesto, Lorito tigre Modesto, Lorito-tigre Modesto (Spanish).

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittaculidae
Genus: Psittacella
Scientific name: Psittacella modesta
Citation: Schlegel, 1871
Protonimo: Psitacella [sic] modest


Modest Tiger-Parrot (Psittacella modesta)


– Parrots of the World – Forshaw Joseph M
– Parrots A Guide to the Parrots of the World – Tony Juniper & Mike Parr


(1) – By © Wong Tsu Shi – Sooty-headed bulbul

Sounds: Patrik Aberg (Xeno-canto)

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