Gato Moggy (Cat without pedigree)

For those of you that you are not familiar with the English language, “Moggy” It is an informal name for a cat – “MOG” or “Moggy” is the unique, “Moggies” is the plural.

The definition of a Moggy, It is a cat or a kitten (Minino in Spanish), It does not belong to any recognized race. It is also an informal name at United Kingdom for a cat, If the cat is a breed recognized or not. Seems a little confused that of the English language!!. The word was originally a nickname for a cow!! The origin of the word minino is not a corruption of the word “mestizo” , as many believe. Recognized the word for the first time in 1911, possibly derived from Maggie, Margie or mog, all short of wife Margaret name forms. It is believed that this was first used to describe a clumsy, clumsy old cow, and even could have been a child of a farm which was called that way any cow, Since “Moggy” It was used during the 18th century in several dialects of English as a “affectionate name” cow.

As in rural areas attended farmers and farming the cities during the latter part of the Industrial Revolution, It is likely that the cow became moggy maggie, implemented as an insult to a scruffy woman, old or prostitute.
The origin is unclear, but as the 20th century, London streets were filled with a lot of little healthy Street cats, It would have been natural to apply the term Moggy to describe these unhappy. In some parts of Lancashire, England “moggy” means mouse. A cat was known as “moggies Hunter. It has been suggested that this could be the etymology of the word moggy meaning “CAT”.

There are more than 100 millions of cats in the world. Of these, the vast majority are cats without pedigree or mestizos, their filiation may be unknown, even parents are a registered pedigree.

Until the end of the 19th century, people used cats to keep their houses and barns free of rodents. However, like any proud owner knows, a healthy and happy Moggy, in the fullness of his life, It can be so great in the appearance and the way in which a cat's pedigree. Given that the gene to determine the short hair is dominant, the majority of mestizos cats are short hair, but there is no crossover standard, they come in all imaginable varieties of hair and color.

Many mestizos cats are atigrados, It is the variety closest to the ancestors of the cats, the African wild cats. The striped or striped pattern is the original, but the classic striped pattern with patches is more common. More rare is the spotted striped, being selectively bred in new lines of pedigree, These new lines aimed at achieving a wild aspect. The solid colors are also abundant: black, white, Ginger (Jam), and blue.

The ginger colouration is linked to the sex, and the males surpass in number females jam by 2 - 1. On the other hand, the carey or the pattern of percale in Orange and black is only possible in females (with rare exceptions of sterile males). White is common, both by his own account, combination with other colors solid and atigrados. The Siamese style points are rarely mixed cats, but it can occur, without a doubt. Aside from color and coat, mixed cats differ much less than the pure breeds.

The majority has a moderate physical, typical of the American and British Shorthairs, not be thin like the Siamese, even large and heavy as Persian or Maine Coon. Circumstances have helped the cats of tropical climates tend to have a slightly more elegant way, and cold weather to have a more robust body.

Wedge-shaped head and flat face are unusual at a crossroads, but can appear if the recent one parent family tree includes a cat with genes Siamese and Persian. Random playback means that the cat without pedigree does not have a particular aspect or temperament.
However, domestic short hair cat character traits make it universally beloved and admired.

Cats are wonderful companions and enjoy being part of a family, but they still maintain their independence more than domestic dogs. They can be adapted to an existence in a House, Although you will enjoy any freedom that is offered (deliberately or not), because it must be said that the domestic cat is a ruthless predator of small rodents and birds. Even when well fed, the majority of mestizos cats enjoy bringing home hunting trophies, true to its thousands of years of history as experts in pest control. The mestizo cat has prospered in a natural way inside the most successful and strongest animal selection.

Natural mestizos have one much less undesirable genes concentration. With proper care, It is robust and will live a long life. The typical mestizo, If you choose with care, is a beautiful, Intelligent, playful, low-maintenance, and above all partner with independent trends. It will be a loving and devoted member of your household. Who could ask more??

Advantages of a mestizo:

  • You won't have to get in contact with a breeder. You can obtain from the shelters or homes.
  • You will have to pay very little. The majority of mestizos are distributed free of charge.
  • Mixed cats are robust and long-lived.
  • They suffer fewer health problems that cats of race.
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