Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is characterized, above all, by two traits: its long fur and large size. In the harsh winters of Eastern North America, cats with insulating long hair and big enough to hunt hares and get rid of other predators had very particular survival advantages. The maine coon is a breed created in a natural way. It is not clear how and when exactly was the first gene for long hair to North America, but it could easily have come with cats who came by boat from Scandinavia or Russia to ports in Maine.

Maine Coon

The first maine which struck in a contest, in 1861, It was called Caplmn Jenks of the Horse Marines, and for a time the breed gained popularity as Maine Shag, but the popular affection focused on the spectacular Persian at the end of the century. He survived this parenthesis (because it was an excellent farm cat: a voracious ratero which continued to be so.

Interest in it was revived after World War II, and now the maine is second in popularity after the Persian in his homeland.. This race arrived in Britain with some feline fanfare in the middle of the Decade of 1980, and this gentle giant of cats has gained popularity as a pet.

The complexion of the maine is great, solid and muscular, but claims that it is as big as a dog are exaggerated. The maine which have the appearance of a British have wide face, the oval eyes and the body and legs as scrubby. The TICA prefers alternative aspect, with more angular face and more round eyes.

Its thick fur is impermeable and requires less maintenance than some with long and soft hair. At the beginning, only the atigrados coons was called, by its resemblance with the raccoons, and today the atigrados remain the favorites because they seem to reflect the origin of this breed farm.

Although in many respects is an independent cat, the maine is different from many of the West for being noisy race, Since it uses a kind of Twitter or trill to greet. It is an active and outgoing cat, as the cat of the Norwegian Forest, and it is known that some of them like fish and even swim.

Maine Coon

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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