Dog breeds that begin with the letter X – (Complete list)

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter X

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

1 Xoloitzcuintle


The Xoloitzcuintle is a quiet dog, affectionate, loving, sensitive and happy.

One Xoloitzcuintle Mexican may be an unusual phenomenon, but it is not at all

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3 thoughts on "Xoloitzcuintle”

  1. you're all right. your data, Pet. lack of information, and they only misinform those who want to know about the xolo. very bad reporter.

  2. Hello friends of pets. Excuse me for contradicting you, but to write an article like this, you should be better informed. The XOLOITZCUINTI has nothing to do with the Hopi culture or with this god you oppose and something else., I do not know the American Hairless Terrier but it is false that it is the only breed with a recessive gene since that is precisely why the XOLO lacks hair and some teeth, because it has a “dominant recessive gene” What gives it this characteristic? Please check the page of the Mexican Canophytic Federation, there is correct information about the breed so that people are not confused..

    • Hello Tigra78, mz well expressed with rayon z….
      di,and porfa where I can get a Xolo no standard in Spain hairs here in Mexico because of no answer…
      A greeting


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