Dog breeds that begin with the letter M – (Complete list)

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter M

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

1 Majorca Mastiff (Majorcan mastiff dog)

Ca de Bou

The Majorca Mastiff is a gentle dog, extremely affectionate with their owners, faithful to his master


It is important the coexistence that

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2 Majorca Shepherd Dog

Ca de Bestiar

The Majorca Shepherd Dog or “Ca de Bestiar”, It is a breed of dog originating in Mallorca.

Also know as “Ca de Bestiar”,

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3 Majorero

Bardino Majorero

The Majorero is affectionate with their masters, Sometimes something distant.

Bardino Majorero – Addi12, CC BY-SA 4.0, via

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4 Malinois


The Malinois is vigilant, always active and alert. He has an innate aptitude as a flock guardian…

The Malinois is one of the 4 varieties

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5 Mally

Alaskan Malamute

The Mally he has a reputation for being stubborn and difficult to train among people who do not know him. Characteristics

Coexistence is important

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6 Maltese

Bichón Maltés

The Maltese is very sensitive, and you prefer a home that is stable.


The coexistence you are going to have with is important

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7 Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is a slender dog, light, athletic and with very refined lines.

The Manchester Terrier it is a dog of Scottish origin, it seems like a

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8 Maremma and the Abruzzes Sheepdog

Pastor Maremmano-Abruzzese

The Maremma and the Abruzzes Sheepdog will be really happy sleeping with the cattle before on your sofa

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9 Mastiff danés

Mastín Danés

The Mastiff danés is calm, with good temperament and friendly.

The Mastiff danés (or Broholmer) It is a breed of molosser type dog, original

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10 Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound

Sabueso anglo francés mediano

The Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound It is not a dog that adapts to life in an apartment if there is no

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11 Miniature American Shepherd

Pastor americano miniatura

With his alert expression, attentive and intelligent, the Miniature American Shepherd has all the qualities of Sheepdogs

In forty years,

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12 Miniature Pinscher

Pinscher Miniatura

The Miniature Pinscher has much temperament, vitality and is an excellent companion dog.

It is often thought that the Pinscher miniatura is a

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13 Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzer Miniatura

The Miniature Schnauzer it is exclusively a balanced and affectionate companion dog.

The Miniature Schnauzer It is derived from the Standard Schnauzer,

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14 Montenegrin Mountain Hound

Sabueso de montaña del Montenegro

Even in his country of origin the Montenegrin Mountain Hound it is little spread, in other countries it is practically unknown.

Although their

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15 Mucuchi


The Mucuchi is a large size dog, robust Constitution.

The Mucuchi, It is a breed of dog originally from Venezuela.

The origin of the Mucuchi

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16 Mudi


The Mudi is a single master dog, and a rare breed outside its native Hungary.

The Mudi is the name of one

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  1. We just rescued a Mudi from our local shelter and would love to share some photos. There is no question that he’s a Mudi and we plan to have his DNA tested..but he fits the bill perfectly and was presented to us as a Mudi.. His name is Shadow.


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