Dog breeds that begin with the letter E

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter E

Alphabetical order of Dog Breeds

1 Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound or Gray Norwegian Elkhound, It is one of the ancient dog breeds of type Spitz and the dog

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2 Elkhound Swedish

Elkhound Swedish

The Elkhound Swedish, also called Jämthund, It is a breed of dog of Spitz type of Northern Europe. Jämthund is an eponym of

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3 English Toy Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel, known as King Charles Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel) It is a small size breed developed in England.


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4 English Water Spaniel

English Water Spaniel

English Water Spaniel (Spanish water dog) It is a breed of dog that has been extinct since the first part of the 20th century,

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5 English White Terrier

English White Terrier

English White Terrier (White English Terrier, also known as Old English Terrier or British White Terrier) is a breed of dog extinct, of

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6 American Eskimo

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo dog (American Eskimo or “Eskie”) He is a descendant of the North of the continent of Europe from Spitz. When was the

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7 Canadian Eskimo

Canadian Eskimo

The dog Canadian Eskimo is an Arctic breed of dog, often considered the oldest in North America and the rarer

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8 Eurasier


The Eurasier, sometimes referred to as Eurasia, is a breed of dog, type Spitz, It originated in Germany.

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9 Euskal Artzain Txakurra

Euskal Artzain Txakurra

There are two varieties of Euskal Artzain Txakurra: the Gorbeiakoa and the Iletsua.

The Euskal Artzain Txakurra (Basque Shepherd) is a breed of dog

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