Dog breeds that begin with the letter H

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter H

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

1 Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare It is a breed of dog developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Hamilton

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2 Harrier


While the origin of this breed has been questioned, given the number of different versions that exist of the cross, an of

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3 Hokkaido


This ancient lineage of dogs, known today as Hokkaïdo (name of the second Japanese island, largest), It is also known as Kyushu

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4 Hovawart


The term Hovawart derives from medieval German, in which -hova- meant “Court” y -wart-, “guardian”.

The dog as guardian of the house and

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5 Huntaway


Huntaway (New Zealand Huntaway or Pastor New Zealand) It is a breed of dog native of New Zealand What, from its early

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6 Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Husky is a highly specialized working dog. Running is his passion.

Where did the Siberian Husky originally come from?

The history of the Huskys

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