Dog breeds that begin with the letter H – (Complete list)

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, pictures and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter H

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

1 Halden Hound

Halden Hound

The spread of Halden Hound is limited to your country of origin, where it is also little known.

Originally from Norway, the Halden Hound taking

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2 Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Stövare

The Hamitton Hound he is an excellent hunting dog, is valued for his great intelligence and agility.

The Hamilton Hound (in Swedish: Hamiltonstövare),

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3 Hanoverian Scenthound

Hanoverian Scenthound

The Hanoverian Scenthound He is a dog with a very good sense of smell, specialized in locating injured prey.

The Hanoverian Scenthound It

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4 Harrier (dog)

Harrier (dog)

The Harrier (dog) it is an excellent dog for hunting, specialized in foxes and hares.

The Harrier (dog) comes from Great Britain and was

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5 Havanese


Due to their nature, the Havanese is used in therapy with animals

Like all kind dogs Bichon, as the Read more

6 Hellenic Hound

Hellenic Hound

It stands out for its particularly harmonious voice.

The Hellenic Hound has ancient origins, since their ancestors were already present ago 3.000 years in the

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7 Hokkaido


The Hokkaido still a very rare breed of dog, that you hardly ever see outside your home country.

This ancient lineage

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8 Hovawart


The term Hovawart derives from medieval German, in which -hova- meant “Court” y -wart-, “guardian”.

The dog as guardian of the house and

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9 Hungarian greyhound (Magyar Agár)

Magyar Agár

The nature of Hungarian greyhound, like its appearance, It is elegant. Extremely sensitive and smart, friendly sweetie, but never nosy.

The Hungarian greyhound is one

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10 Hungarian Hound (Transylvanian Scent Hound)

Transylvanian Scent Hound

It is used in hunting fox and hare; the larger variety is used in hunting wild boar,

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11 Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer

Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer

The Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer They are very affectionate dogs and very attached to their family.

The long history of Hungarian Pointer (-

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12 Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer

Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer

The Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer they are very close to their family and are affectionate and playful with their family.

Appeared somewhere

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13 Hygen Hound

Hygen Hound

The spread of Hygen Hound it is very limited even in Norway; outside the country is practically unknown.

The Hygen Hound originated

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