Dog breeds that begin with the letter B – (Complete list)

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, pictures and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter B

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris o Canis familiaris) He is a member of the genus Canis (canines) formed from the evolution of the wolf, being the most abundant carnivore. The dog and the existing gray wolf are related.

The dog was the first domesticated species and has been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, sensory and physical attributes capabilities.

His long association with humans has led the dogs to be in tune with human behavior, They are able to thrive on a diet rich in starch that it would be inappropriate for other species of canidae. Dogs vary widely in form, size and color. Many roles, such as hunting , grazing, pulling loads, the protection, assistance to the police and army, companionship and, more recently, helping people with disabilities. This influence on human society has given them the nickname “Man's Best Friend”.

1 Barbet (French Water Dog)


The Barbet they prefer to be in the same room with the family at all times

The Barbet (French water dog) is a French breed

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2 Basenji


The Basenji is attentive, loving, energetic, curious and reserved with strangers

The Basenji It is a breed of dog originating in the Democratic Republic

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3 Basque Shepherd

Basque Shepherd

There are two varieties of Basque Shepherd: the “Gorbeiakoa” and “Iletsua“.

The Basque Shepherd (in Basque: Euskal Artzain Txakurra) is a breed of dog

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4 Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Breeders of Basset Fauve de Bretagne in Spain

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne has a loose and lively temperament

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne descends in a direct line from “Big Fawn of

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5 Basset Hound

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a very happy dog, good and very sociable

The origin of the Basset Hound It, without a doubt, French and one of

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6 Bavarian Mountain Hound

Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is very suspicious of strangers, I am calm and balanced with its owner.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound It

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7 Beagle


The main fault of the Beagle is disobedience. He is very stubborn and playful.

The origins of the Beagle they are confused and remote. In the year

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8 Beagle-Harrier


The Beagle-Harrier is vigorous, brave, energetic and intelligent.

The Beagle-Harrier It is a relatively new breed that comes from the crossing (towards the end of the

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9 Bearded collie

Breeders of bearded Collie or Bearded Collie in Spain

The Bearded collie It is an energetic dog. They need exercise and homework to do, How to care for children.

The Bearded collie is one

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10 Beauceron


The Beauceron It is one of the best job in the world dogs.

The Beauceron, is a breed of dog originating in

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11 Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier by Ned Harris

The Bedlington Terrier, catalogued as a dog with the look of lamb and lion heart.

The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of dog that

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12 Belgian Shepherd

Breed Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd originates from Belgium, the Campine region and North of Brabant.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is the name of

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13 Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is a very intelligent dog, Active, loyal and loving.

The dog Belgian Shepherd Groenendael it is a breed recognized by all

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14 Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois It is the oldest sheepdog and the rarest variety of “Belgian Shepherd”.

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a

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15 Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense

Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense He is very observant and attentive to any changes in their environment.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense is one of the four

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16 Bergamasco – Bergamasco Shepherd


Pastor Bergamasco It is never aggressive despite the fact that it is a good guardian of the House

The Bergamasco is a breed of dog

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17 Berger Picard

Berger Picard

The Berger Picard it is a little-known breed despite all its qualities

The origins of the shepherd dog

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18 Bernese Hound

Bernese Hound

The Bernese Hound It is mainly used for hunting hare.

The Swiss Hound has a very ancient origin. Its existence in

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19 Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog the races is more sweet and good with children, Despite its large size

The Cowbird's

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20 Bichon Frise (Bichon à poil frisé)

Bichon Frise

The owner of a Bichon Frise (Bichon à poil frisé) You should avoid leaving it alone, suffers from anxiety when you're alone.

People say that

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21 Billy


The Billy is a used hunting dog live in the open air, in open spaces

The Billy, It is a dog of French origin created

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22 Black and tan coonhound

Black and Tan Coonhound

The Black and tan coonhound they are very vocal and ladradores and, they tend to howl frequently.

The Black Dog and

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23 Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds are hunting dogs with an excellent sense of smell

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound, It is believed

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24 Black Norwegian Elkhound

Black Norwegian Elkhound

The Black Norwegian Elkhound joins closely with his people and is very loyal


Among the three moose hunters of the North

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25 Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier, need plenty of exercise, and it can be hyperactive and destructive

The Black Russian Terrier, (in Russian: ЧЁРНЫЙ ТЕРЬЕР), abbreviated as BRT,

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26 Bloodhound


The Bloodhound It is the dog with thinner smell of the planet.

The Bloodhound (Bloodhound) It is a breed of dog originally from Belgium,

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27 Blue Gascony Basset

Blue Gascony Basset

The Blue Gascony Basset It is a dog with an excellent sense of smell, Active, Agile and good port

The Blue Gascony Basset It

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28 Blue Gascony Griffon

Blue Gascony Griffon

Originally bred for their tracking qualities, the Blue Gascony Griffon They are also affectionate companion dogs

As its name implies, the

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29 Blue Picardy Spaniel

Blue Picardy Spaniel

Used for hunting, the Blue Picardy Spaniel is distinguished by its very pronounced style, its exceptional physical resistance and its capacity

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30 Bluetick Coonhound


Like the other Coonhound, the Bluetick It is a race that much drooling and ladradores.

The Bluetick Coonhound is a breed of

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31 Bolognese


Hair texture Bolognese It is the wool one and should never be cut or trimmed


Small dog breed, original

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32 Border Collie

Border Collie

The Border Collie is regarded as the breed of smarter dogs que existe

The Border Collie It takes its name

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33 Border Terrier

Border Terrier

The Border Terrier they are intelligent, loving, quite independent and.

Border Terrier It is a breed of dog of the Terrier that group, takes its name from

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34 Borzoi – Russian Hunting Sighthound


The Borzoi It is an affectionate and obedient dog with the master

Dogs are mentioned in 17th century publications, with those who

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35 Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog

Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog

The Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog It is a very sensitive and quiet dog.

The Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog, also called Tornjak,

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36 Bosnian Broken-haired Hound – Barak

Bosnian Hound

The Bosnian Hound, nicknamed Barak, It is a dog developed in Bosnia.

This medium-sized breed of hound has been bred in

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37 Boston Terrier

boston terrier

The Boston Terrier they are ready and friendly, mainly used as dogs of company.

of the “Boston Terrier”

Unlike many ancient races, the history

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38 Bourbonnais Pointing Dog

Bourbonnais Pointing Dog

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog at birth it is frequently tailless, it is also called “Glue cutter”.

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog it already was

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39 Bouvier des Ardennes

Bouvier des Ardennes

The Bouvier des Ardennes He is distrustful with strangers but very faithful to its owner.

The Bouvier des Ardennes is a rare

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40 Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres

The strong herding instinct of the Bouvier des Flandres manifests itself with its own family

Bouvier des Flandres is a breed of dog

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41 Boxer


The Boxer It is docile and boasts an unmatched loyalty with his family

of the BOXER

The Boxer It is a breed of working dogs

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42 Braque Francais

Braque Francais

The Braque Francais he rarely grows up outside his country of origin, and therefore it is not easy to find a puppy.

The “Bracco

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43 Brazilian terrier

Brazilian Terrier

Due to his easy training and physical abilities, the Brazilian terrier in Brazil it is used as a circus dog.

Although the Brazilian terrier

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44 Brazilian Tracker

Brazilian Tracker

The Brazilian Tracker was a quiet and balanced dog, attached to his master.

The Brazilian Tracker It was a breed of hunting dog originally

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45 Briard


The Berger de Brie It is an excellent race to raise with children of all ages.

The Berger de Brie or Briard is a breed of

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46 Briquet Griffon Vendéen

Briquet Griffon Vendéen

Long lasting, fast and robust, the Briquet Griffon Vendéen he is a passionate hunter with extraordinary instincts.

The selection of Briquet Griffon Vendéen It dates back to

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47 Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel are “Pointing Dogs” multifaceted, for all types of hunting and all-terrain.

The Brittany Spaniel It, as its name

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48 Broholmer


The Broholmer It was used as a watchdog for large farms and feudal lands.

The Broholmer it's interesting, partly because it's a breed of

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49 Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier they are generally friendly, rarely aggressive.

The original ancestor of Bull Terrier was raised in the early 19th century

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50 Bulldog


The Bulldog Currently he is a dog known for having a good humor.

The race Bulldog or English Bulldog, It was initially used for bets

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51 Bullenbeisser


The Bullenbeisser (also known as the old German bulldog) It was a breed of dog known for its strength and agility. The race is

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52 Bullmastiff


The Bullmastiff is a guard dog, Intelligent, discreet and effective.

The Bullmastiff It is a British breed of dog, as believed, proceeds of the

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53 Burgos Pointer

Burgos Pointer

The Burgos Pointer is smart and learns easily, above all, tracking tasks.

The Burgos Pointer is a breed of

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