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Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz)
Alemania FCI 97 - European Spitz

Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz)

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) is by nature a bit like the old guard dog.



The Spitz, officially called “German Spitz“, It is a classic breed of dog in Germany and Central Europe. The Spitz used to be found everywhere. They belonged to all the properties, guarded warehouses and transport carts. Its standard variant is also called “Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz)“. This breed of dog has an ancient tradition, which is closely related to our history at least since the Middle Ages. Although this variant is the type of its breed bred from primitive times, the Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) did not receive an official place in the standard of the German Spitz until 1969.

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz), on the other hand, only has 100 puppies per year in the VDH (German Canine Federation), the Grossespitz (Giant or Large Spitz) has even less. Thus, from 2003, the Grossespitz (Giant or Large Spitz) and the Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) have been declared a pet breed in danger of extinction by the “Society for the Conservation of Ancient and Endangered Breeds of Pets”. The Grossespitz (Giant or Large Spitz) is classified as extremely endangered, the Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) as highly endangered.

Physical characteristics

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) breeds in the colors black, brown, white, orange, gray cloud and other colors. Other colors include shades like cream, cream- March, orange- March, black-brown and pinto. Like all Spitz has a double layer: a long top coat, straight and protruding and a short undercoat, thick and padded.

With a shoulder height of between 30 and 38 centimeters, the Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) is the representative of the breed with the classic tip size.

Character and skills

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) is by nature a bit like the old guard dog. She is an incorruptible guard, fell, resistant and persevering. He is very smart, curious and energetic. The standard describes its nature:

This German Spitz is always alert, lively and extraordinarily affectionate with his owner. It is very docile and easy to train. His distrust of strangers and his lack of hunting instinct make him the ideal guardian for the house and yard.. It is neither fearful nor aggressive. Insensitivity to the weather, robustness and longevity are its most outstanding characteristics.

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) it is suitable for dog sports, as the agility. Has a fairly low stimulus threshold and can become a barker under certain circumstances, especially when bored. At the same time you want to please your caregiver and bond with him closely. If the emotional relationship is correct, the Spitz He will do his best not to do anything that his owner does not like., and for example, at least largely, dispense with his barking. But, intelligent breed of dog hates boredom. Combined with your intelligence, wit and docility, it's just fun to practice tricks or agility with him. He will then do everything to please humans. Is very playful, friendly and is very closely related to people, especially with the children.

How long can a Medium Spitz live??

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) It is robust and durable and can reach a very high age of 15 years and more.

Mittelspitz care

the care of Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) it is extremely easy and undemanding. To keep the long coat healthy it is enough to brush it from time to time. Only when the coat is changed should it be additionally cleaned.

Regarding their salus, the Medium Spitz is also a robust breed without any breeding-related diseases.

Nutrition of the Mittelspitz

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) has no special dietary requirements. For centuries, has become used to using human food scraps. But, this does not mean that we should not give him high quality food today, either dry or wet, and regularly fresh meat.

Education Mittelspitz

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) easily adapts to the lifestyle of its people. You can live in the country or in the big city. You also feel comfortable in a small apartment in the city. You don't need a strong hand on the other end of the strap, because he willingly follows and does not show any dominance or even aggressiveness towards other dogs. Remain sovereign and neutral, if he is ever bothered. Your attitude is not problematic in all respects due to external circumstances. But, here he hardly demands anything in terms of the relationship and common activities with his caregiver. She is not a couch dog and always wants to experience something new. Want the mental challenge, that can be offered for example with sports for dogs.

Is willing and able to learn and adapt to the habits of their caregivers. Well mannered, it is a very practical companion when visiting a restaurant, when traveling and when on vacation. It is a good and reliable companion for children. He is playful and above all good-natured. He is insensitive to the weather and wants to go on his daily walk in any weather. Either a single person or a family with or without children, young or old: the Spitz is an ideal companion.

The Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz) must be trained like a great dog in all seriousness from puppyhood. One is always tempted to underestimate these little dogs., especially like dogs. The Spitz needs clear announcements and rules, In summary: guidance from the teacher. He gladly accepts this. The Spitz immediately notices carelessness and inconsistency. With a little responsibility in their upbringing, that every owner should assume from the beginning, the Spitz will easily become a well-trained adult companion dog. After training, a Spitz can be trained very well in various dog sports. It is also very suitable for beginners.

Buy Mittelspitz

If you want to buy a puppy Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz), you should visit a breeder affiliated with the VDH (German Canine Federation). You can also find your Spitz or one of the mixes in the shelters.

Mittelspitz Videos

Mittelspitz Wolfi
Mittelspitz, agility

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types
  • Section 4: European Spitz. Without working trial..

FCI breed standard "Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz)"

FCIFCI - Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz)

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