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Posted by tiadoc | 19 April 2011

- Francia FCI 35

Basset Azul de Gascuña

The Blue Gascony Basset It is a dog with an excellent sense of smell, Active, Agile and good port
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The Blue Gascony Basset It was used for hunting hares and Roe deer, as well as in the hunting of pen. Over time its evolution has been constant, in both appearance and character.
There are many controversies on the origin of this dog, Since it was created from different crosses.

One theory says that the current race was created in the early 19th century by a French farmer (to the West of France) with the mixture of the Griffon breed and race great Gascony blue.

There are four recognized races as “Blue Gascony” by CRF:

  • Blue small – FCI 31
  • Big Blue – FCI 22
  • Blue Basset – FCI 35
  • Blue Griffon – FCI 32

They all derive from the junction of the Bloodhound with ancient French hounds.

The Big Blue and the Blue small they are the best-known varieties.

Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds

Alternative names: Basset bleu de Gascogne / Blue Gascony Basset / Bleu de Gascogne / Baluer Gascogne laufhund / Blue Gascony hound

Dogs breeds: Blue Gascony Basset

Physical characteristics

The blue Gascony Basset race carries much legacy of the great race that comes: The Basset. It is a very big dog, Although not too heavy (16 kg approximately). It has a not very broad and slightly domed head. His neck is quite long, slightly arched. His height is around the 34-38 centimeters.

It has black and wide nose, with the wide open nostrils. Its snout is, virtually, the same length as the skull. Their eyes are oval shaped, What gives them the feeling of being sunk, What makes them a very sweet expression, and a little sadder…

The ears of this breed are fine, a little curly, very long and finished at tip. The ear is narrow at its source, It is situated below the eye.

When is the dog standing, its tail almost touches the ground. Its fur is white mottled black spots, It must never be totally white. The hair is short and smooth. Such as dense speckled is what gives him the blue tone.

Character and skills

The blue Gascony Basset is a dog with an excellent sense of smell, Active, Agile and good port. It is a great Hunter. Usually howl. It is a dog that is easily vistas, It Intelligent, clever and funny, is also very loving and joyful. It is an excellent partner you need to play regularly (plenty of exercise).

It is quite stubborn, his instinct for Hunter is very developed. It can be an excellent guard dog.

Images blue Gascony Basset
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