The Teckel or Dachshund (“Badger dog” in German), also called, Dackel or Dog sausage, is a German dog breed, whose peculiar appearance is due to a genetic mutation known as bassetismo, that is provided with copies of a few very short limbs relative to the size of the body.

There are engravings of old Egypt where are short-legged dogs. However, race as we know it comes from the selection of hounds affected Germans from bassetismo, very suitable for rabbit-hunting, Hare, Badger and other prey into Burrows. Is believed to be the oldest variety of short hair; varieties of hard and long hair then arose through the crossing with the races Griffon and Epagneul, respectively.

The first breed club was founded in Germany in 1888, drafting the first standard, Although holdings of this race already had been submitted years before in dog shows in England.

The popularity of the Teckel has been largely due to being one of the races preferred by the European monarchies, including that of Queen Victoria, He was particularly enthusiastic of this race.

The FCI He decided to create the IV group only for this race, since despite being a dog's burrow, his character and Constitution far from the Basset Hound.

Its shape is elongated and low, long with a tail and snout drawing, the ears are long and drooping, short legs and black nail. These short legs are perhaps the most recognized feature of the race and that facilitate hunting in burrows, It was his main activity in the hunt, where is shown as a very brave and Tracker, and that it will not hesitate in confronting a fierce wild boar.

The Teckel, is a dog friendly, Intelligent, sociable, loving, playful and very protective. It is reputed to be quite stubborn and somewhat reluctant to training, but it is only the fame.

A puppy of Teckel is more stubborn than a pup of another race. Training must start from a very young age. Teckel puppy is prepared for training from a very early age by his great intelligence and learn very fast. Despite his short stature, There is no place to escape to his curiosity.

Hard hair type is where most noted Terrier blood. Faithful companion, especially in cases of illness from the owner. Sociable people and dogs is the ideal companion for a House with dogs and/or children. These dogs are the most durable and some of them manage to get to the 35 years of age.

There are three varieties, According to the chest circumference measure at the age of 15 months:

  • Standard: maximum weight of 9 kg and upper chest circumference to 35 cm..
  • Miniature: chest circumference between 30 and 35 cm..
  • Teckel for rabbit hunting: lower circumference of 30 cm..



Each of the varieties of size can be three types of hair:

  • Short hair: The hair should be short, thick, bright, smooth, well glued to the body, strong and hard; You must not display areas without hair. The tail with thin and thick hair, but not too hairy.
  • Long-haired: The fur is equipped with an outer layer of smooth, brilliant and well glued to the body, It extends below the neck and the lower part of the body, it excels in the ears and presents a clearly more long feather-shaped hair on the back of the extremities. The longest hair is located at the bottom of the tail, where is flag.
  • Hard hair: With the exception of the snout, the eyebrows and ears, has on the body – mixed with the inner layer of hair – an outer layer with hair glued to the body, thick, rough and coarse. On the snout has a well marked beard. The eyebrows are bushy. In the ears, the hair is shorter than in the body, almost smooth. The tail with well-developed hair, uniform and very stuck.



The three varieties of hair allowed the same colors:

  • Unicolores dogs: Red, Rojo-Amarillo, yellow, with or without a mottled black. White is not desirable, but in the form of a few small spots is not qualifying. The truffle (terminal part of the nose) and nails are black, Although it allows the rojizo-marrón color.
  • Bi-coloured dogs: Black deep or brown clear, all brands of firearms of rusty or yellow red color above the eyes, on the sides of the snout and the lower lip, on the inside edge of the ears, in the backsplash, in the Interior and later parts of extremities, in feet, around the anus and from here to a third or half of the lower part of the tail. The truffle and the nails are black in black dogs; in brown dogs, they are the same color. White is not desirable, but they are allowed small spots. They aren't desirable too extended fire brands.
  • Spotted dog (Harlequins, atigrados): The basic color is always a dark color (black, Red or gray). They are desirable irregular spots gray or beige. Neither dark nor clear must prevail. The striped color has dark stripes over a red or yellow background. The truffle and nails are as in the case of dogs uni or bi.


The breed is known for its spine problems, due to its extremely long spinal column and short ribs. The risk of injury may be worsened if overweight. To prevent damage, It is recommended that these dogs do not jump or go up and down stairs. Is becoming more evident that these problems are inherited, and farmers working in the improvement of the breed.

However, We know that these dogs, with a proper sports education, they would not present problems in this area. Especially if they are animals that have large spaces where they can run and jump freely. They are very agile dog of exceptional reflexes that, However, their short legs do not reach high speeds. In general they are dogs that are not prone to diseases provided that the owner has a good care at the time of disease, as well as, take it to the vet, as following your instructions.

On the other hand, the Teckel or sausage dog food is of the utmost importance. If provide you too much food, can't fatten and will have difficulty in mobility, and as a result it would pain back and aged the serious problems of spinal cord and Herniated discs.

Although this race consumes meat as any other dog does not mean this which must only feed this. It is highly recommended to feed the Teckel with balanced foods rich in protein and vitamins, which will help it grow in a healthy way.

The Teckel is also a very good home dog and very teatrero, It is very rude to the time of hunting but at home is a very good dog, share with children, and is very guardian.

It is often asserted that the Teckel is a very stubborn dog, they are difficult to adiestrar… While, is not as well, There may be some reason to try it that way, Perhaps their small size leads to take care of it more than we and compromise with their whims, What then in popular language translates into the proverbial “cabezonerías” from the Teckel.

The Teckel, good lines of work, It is not a hound in the strict sense of the term, but as he comes from this his excellent sense of smell, You can do the job of a hound in his own way and in accordance with its small size. It is not a proper Terrier, but it works perfectly under the ground in the burrow, as you would a Terrier, nor is it a proper Braco, but you can do the work of this, According to their size. We must not pretend to match a hunting dog, all have their advantages and disadvantages, their specialities according to their size, hair, etc.

The Teckel brings together qualities of almost all dogs from hunting and in the hands of a good hunter who do not know well trained and equipped of hair and feather hunting ground and perhaps some burrow, a pond nearby and a step of wild boar, You will have a small dog to lift any piece in the Teckel, put some Fox shot, inside or outside the burrow, It will track the wounded wild boar and draw you up the water duck, provided that this appropriately trained.

Dogs breeds: Teckel

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