Grey-hooded Parakeet
Psilopsiagon aymara

Grey-hooded Parakeet

19-20 cm.. height.

Grey-hooded Parakeet

The Grey-hooded Parakeet (Psilopsiagon aymara) has the body mostly green, elongated and with a very long and pointed tail; the forecrown and lores, until the area back from the neck (including the ear-coverts), grayish brown, forming a kind of CAP that comes, slightly, to below the eyes.

Mantle green, lightly olive dyeing; Back and scapulars green; rump and uppertail-coverts, green, slightly brighter; upperwing-coverts green; flight feather green with blackish tips; underwing-coverts of color greenish-yellow. Chin and throat pale-whitish grey; chest grey silver pale, sometimes with dye bluish on the feathers on both sides of the chest; flanks of color yellow pale greenish; the belly and undertail-coverts, green, with faint bluish tint.

Upper, the tail green; undertail, gray. The bill pale flesh-colored; irises dark brown; legs grey-brown.

Both sexes similar, though the male may have brighter grey in the chest.

Immature they have the tail shorter.

NOTE This species was treated as Bolborhynchus aymara.



You prefer arid habitats shrubs or Woody hills and ravines, dense bushes and trees around settlements and agricultural areas, also distributed in high Andean steppes and sometimes in the Highlands, at altitudes of 1.800 to 3.400 m, sometimes more low (1,200 m in winter) and supposedly until the 4.000 m in Tucumán, Argentina.

The Grey-hooded Parakeet is a bird gregarious, usually seen in small flocks, at least outside of the breeding season; large gatherings near areas with water.


Nest sometimes in colonies, in holes dug in sand banks or in hollows and cactus in desert area. Egg laying in the month of November in Tucumán. Clutch 4-5 eggs. Up to seven in captivity.


The Grey-hooded Parakeet they tend to consume berries and other fruit, In addition to seeds herbaceous and grasses (by example Viguera and other compounds); tend to descend to the floor to collect fruits fallen and seeds from the grass.


Size of the area of distribution (reproduction / resident): 383.000 km2

Is it can be found in the Andes from the South of Bolivia until Argentina and possibly North of Chile.

In West Bolivia It is known from Peace and Cochabamba to the South of Tarija and Potosi, and in the Northwest of Argentina on the slopes Andean of Jujuy to the South of Mendoza and to the hills of the South East of Córdoba. In the North of Chile (for example, Tarapacá) is reported as resident, visitor or absent.

Some movements at altitude seasonal; the Grey-hooded Parakeet move higher in summer. Generally common and apparently without pressure; Small numbers are caught and exported as cage birds.


• Current red list category of the UICN: Least concern.

• Population trend: Stable.

Justification of the population

The size of the world population It has not been quantified, but this species is described as “quite common” (Stotz et to the., 1996).

Justification of trend

It is suspected that the population is stable in absence of evidence of any decline or threatens substantial, Although it is exported as bird cage in small quantities.

Catita Aimará in captivity:

Rare in poultry.

Alternative names:

Gray-hooded Parakeet, Andean Parakeet, Aymara Parakeet, Gray hooded Parakeet, Gray-headed Parakeet, Grey hooded Parakeet, Grey-headed Parakeet, Grey-hooded Parakeet, Sierra Parakeet (English).
Toui aymara, Perruche d’Aymara (French).
Aymarasittich, Aymara Sittich (German).
Periquito-da-serra (Portuguese).
Periquito-da-serra (Spanish).
Periquito-da-serra (Argentina).
Periquito-da-serra (Bolivia).

Alcide Dessalines to Orbigny
Alcide Dessalines d ’ Orbigny

Scientific classification:

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Genus: Psilopsiagon
Scientific name: Psilopsiagon aymara
Citation: (d’Orbigny, 1839)
Protonimo: Arara aymara


Grey-hooded Parakeet (Psilopsiagon aymara)


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(1) – Grey-hooded Parakeets (also known as the Aymara Parakeet and the Sierra Parakeet) in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina By Nes (originally posted to Flickr as Periquitos) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
(2) -Psilopsiagon aymara by John Gerrard Keulemans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sounds: (Xeno-canto)

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