Gato German Rex

German Rex

The first documented German Rex was "munk", a curly cat descendant of a Russian Blue and a Angora brown. Occurred in Germany, over the years 30. At this time, to not be no selective breeding program, the line ended up disappearing. Was not up 1951 When Dr. R. Scheuer-Karpin discovered by chance a curly cat that adopted calling Lämmchen. This cat would be the direct ancestor of all the current German Rex.

German Rex is a very affectionate and playful cat. I love the stunts and jumps at full speed. It is a stable and sociable animal and tends to be very patient and tolerant with children. You can live with other cats but marking the pecking order. It adapts without problem to any environment although usually prefer the interior spaces.

German Rex is a medium-cat, more full-bodied than their relatives Devon and Cornish. They have a rounded head and ears large and separate. The eyes are of size medium and wide open in accordance with the mantle tones. The hair is short and curly, velvety touch. Pets allowed all colors including white parts.

Life expectancy: of 10 - 14; some to the 18 years.

Source: mundoanimalia

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