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The Jungle Curl is an experimental breed from North America, so new and confidential that it is not recognized by any major feline organization. La única institución que permite el registro de un gato de la selva es el Registro de Felinos Raros y Exóticos (REFR), a small association that, as its name suggests, is specialized in rare and exotic cat breeds.

Due to the lack of recognition by the different national and international feline organizations, there is no standard that defines the appearance of a Jungle Curl. El resultado es que los distintos criadores de la raza no tienen necesariamente los mismos criterios y crean regularmente nuevas líneas, making it difficult to unify the race.

However, all the Jungle Curl tienen algo en común: are the result of crosses between the Domestic cat and the jungle cat (Felis chaus), a wild cat found in Egypt, the caucasus, Central Asia, India and Southeast Asia.

This hybridization between the Felis chaus and the domestic cat is not new: the first experiments in this field date back to the years 60 and gave rise to the Chausie cat, a breed of domestic cat recognized since then. However, the Jungle Curl is not a Chausie cat: they are two very different cats.

Usually, una línea de Jungle Curl is created by crossing a jungle cat (Felis chaus) with a American Curl, but breeders also often use other breeds such as the Highland Lynx or the Hemingway Curl. Los híbridos resultantes se cruzan con otros gatos domésticos, as the Abyssinian cat, the Chausie cat, the Serengeti cat or the Bengal cat.

The Jungle Curl es un gato poco común, found primarily in the United States and Canada, although it also exists in Europe. However, en cualquier país, the number of breeders can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Physical characteristics

The Jungle Curl It is a medium-sized, wild-looking cat, with a long slim body. However, there is a great disparity in sizes, según las razas utilizadas en los distintos cruces. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs and the tail is medium to long..

The polydactyly es común en esta raza, but due to the lack of a standard, opinions differ: some breeders promote it by favoring polydactyl cats for breeding, mientras que otros prefieren intentar eliminar esta característica.

The head of the Jungle Curl it is rather round, with eyes rasgados que varían en color de amarillo a verde. The most distinctive feature of Jungle Curl they are her little ones ears round, similar to those of a lion, que se curvan hacia atrás en mayor o menor medida según el individuo. These round and curved ears are the main difference between the Jungle Curl and the Chausie cat -the breed with which the Jungle Curl-, who has big ears, tall and triangular.

There are long-haired and short-haired specimens. In any case, the preferred patterns of the REFR (Rare and Exotic Feline Registry), they are the fawn and the leopard. Regarding the color of the cat's coat, la diversidad está a la orden del día, since we find individuals with a silver fur, así como chocolate, blue, black ebony, lila púrpura, cream or even red.

Last, the sexual dimorphism it is well marked, being the male larger than the female.

Size and weight

  • Male size: 28 a 35 cm.
  • female size: 25-32 cm.
  • Male weight: 6-12 kg
  • female weight: 4-10 kg

Character and skills

Jungle Curl
Jungle Curl
It is often risky to venture a general definition of the character of the individuals of a race, but this is especially true in the case of Jungle Curl, since it is an experimental breed that has not been established or unified between different breeders. However, there are some aspects that seem to emerge in this cat that has retained the looks and intelligence of its wild ancestors, while having the character of a domestic cat.

So that, the Jungle Curl he is an affectionate cat, close to his family and fond of children. He is very attached to his owner and requires a lot of attention, so it is to fear destructive behavior of the cat if it spends too much time alone.

Living with other cats or dogs accustomed to the presence of a cat usually goes well, but it is not recommended to have small rodents in the house: esto despertaría sus instintos salvajes, por lo que es probable que un día los ahuyente.

The Jungle Curl he is a playful and active cat, who loves to chase a ball or bring things to its owner. They adapt well to life in a flat, but they like to be able to go out from time to time to run and climb trees. However, es importante ser consciente de que su fuerte instinto explorador puede llevarle más allá de los límites del jardín. Depending on the location, this can endanger your own safety and / or that of small animals in the neighborhood.

Last, the Jungle Curl is quite territorial, hasta el punto de que algunos individuos se convierten en verdaderos “guardian cats” capaces de hacer saber a los extraños que no son bienvenidos. Este instinto territorial contrarresta su necesidad de explorar el entorno y le lleva a regresar a su hogar la mayoría de las veces por su cuenta.


As the Jungle Curl es una raza de gato nueva y poco común, there is no reliable information about possible inherited diseases or particular predispositions to certain conditions.

Many breeders claim that the special coat of the Jungle Curl turns it into a breed of cat hypoallergenic and does not cause allergic reactions in people with allergies to cats.

Life expectancy

10 a 15 years


The Jungle Curl it is an easy-care breed of cat.

Weekly brushing removes dead hair and distributes oil from the skin, which is enough to keep the coat clean and healthy.

This grooming session is also an opportunity to check that the eyes, the cat's ears and teeth are clean and there are no signs of infection.

Looking at its claws, natural wear and tear is usually sufficient, especially if you have the opportunity to go outside and / or have a scratching post. If that is not the case, basta con recortarlas con un cortaúñas de vez en cuando.

For sale "Jungle Curl"

The price of a kitten Jungle Curl varía enormemente de un criador a otro y según las características del animal. Esto se debe principalmente al hecho de que esta raza es todavía experimental y no está estandarizada; for example, the polydactyly of the cat is considered by some breeders as a defect that justifies a reduced price, while for others it is, on the other hand, una característica buscada, with a higher price as a result.

The price range is, Therefore, broad, of 1500 a 2500 EUR.

In any case, la rareza de este gato hace que sea difícil encontrar gatitos Jungle Curl available for sale.


The Jungle Curl es un gato híbrido, but it is not a recognized breed, so the regulations that affect it are not clear at all. In any case, dado que algunas autoridades locales prohíben los gatos híbridos nacidos de un cruce forzado o natural entre un animal doméstico y un animal salvaje, it is strongly recommended to ask the breeder, to a vet and / or the town hall about any restrictions that may apply.

Jungle Curl Male
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