The Cat Highlander is a relatively new breed, the first litter back to the year 2004. This race is a little rare, to remove doubts it is registered with the International Cat Association (TICA) as a new preliminary certification.

Cat Highlander

The origins of the Highlander cat, as today is known to the race, back to a litter of kittens Highland Lynx born in 1995. This race was the result of the raising of a cat Jungle curl and the desert Lynx, Wildcat hybrids. Over the years, these cats have been crossed with other breeds Curl, as well as other cats jungle for the Highland breed that is currently registered in TICA.

The most predominant feature the Highlander's are their ears. The Highlander kittens are born with erect ears, However, in the early days, After the birth, their ears start to bend, giving them a unique feature.

The Highlander can be of long hair or short hair and it has a large and muscular body. The Highlander males can reach to weighing more than 9 Kg., While the females are smaller and weigh between 4 - 6,5 Kg.

This breed is known to be very friendly and playful. They are very curious and develop deep ties with their families.

It is necessary to note that the Highlander are cats strong and smart. Toys bought for her cat must be resistant to avoid them to disarm them and, possibly, swallow a part of the toy that could damage.

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