Cat breeds beginning with G-H-I

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History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of cat breeds that begin with the letters G-H-I

Alphabetizing breeds of cats

1 Geoffroy's cat

Geoffroy's Cat

The Geoffroy's cat it is a relatively unknown species to the general public, but not without reason. In fact, remains above all

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2 German Angora cat

Angora alemán

At the end of the 19th century they appeared repeatedly in the paintings of Anton Julio Adán, call “Adam-cats”, in the from ... Read more

3 German Longhair Cat

Alemán de pelo largo

The German Longhair Cat it is the only long-haired cat developed on German soil

The German Longhair Cat

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4 German Rex

German Rex

The German Rex It is one of the rarest and most difficult cat breeds to find.. Characteristics

It is important the coexistence that

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5 Havana brown cat

Habana marrón

The Havana brown he is an affectionate cat, friendly and intelligent. It also, unlike its ancestor the Siamese, it is quite calm and serene.

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6 Highland fold cat

Highland fold

The Highland fold He is also known for his amazing poses: can be seen sleeping on his back, sitting on their hindquarters or

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7 Highlander cat (Highland Lynx)


The Highlander cat is a relatively new breed, the first litter back to the year 2004. This race is a little rare, to eliminate

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8 Himalayan cat


The Himalayan cat it is an extremely sweet pet, playful and gentle that can be adapted to practically any type of home.



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9 Honey Bears cat

Honey bears

The Honey Bears It was the version of the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) of the Traditional Persian cat.


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