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Honey Bears cat
The current RagaMuffin Cat

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The Honey Bears It was the version of the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) of the Traditional Persian cat.

The Honey Bears had been raised from a couple of persian cats and could be registered as Persian cat in the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Ann Baker the Ragdoll creator

Ann Baker stated that the genes of the Skunk were infused into the female and that her kittens resembled the young skunks, born silver before turning black with stripes across the head, the back or the bottom. For the rest of the feline world, this sounds like shaded silvers develop their color.

Supposedly, cats had tails flattened on the sides - actually, an illusion caused by the long fur- that they held on their backs like skunks. Baker stated that the Honey Bears looked like a Persian cat, but he didn't have a cat skeleton.

Essentially, the cats were Persians and were even marketed as similar to hairless persians, but the breeding philosophies of Baker and the increasingly outlandish claims, made it impossible to register as Persian cat in conventional registers.

For practical purposes, the Honey Bears they were Persians, although of a less extreme type than those seen on the display bench. A few breeders persevered with them, but otherwise they were absorbed by the RagaMuffin cat.


The Foundation Cats RagaMuffin include only the lines of the Cherubim cat previously registered in the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) as:

Miracle Ragdolls

Solid, Tabby, mink, Sepia

“a highly updated Ragdoll Cat”

Honey Bears

All colors

IRCA verison/style de Older Type Persian


Silver y Silver Tabbies

IRCA Ragdolls

Color Pointed only

Not the first copies of Cat Fancy Ragdolls

Note: Ann continued to develop more lines for a short time until her death in 1997 after the RagaMuffins were established as a separate race. These new fledgling lines were not used in the development of our RagaMuffins.: Ragdoll Tu, Catenoides, Ragdoll HobbyType, Baby Dolls, Angels, Shu Schoo, Symoneese / Symonees, Manxees, Fuzz

The founders were actively breeding the full spectrum of cat lines Cherubim in the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) until 1992, When, due to deteriorating health and stability of Ann, they decided to leave the IRCA and seek recognition as a race within the formal organizations of Cat Fancy.

His contracts with Ann stipulated that if the breeders continued to breed cats from the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) off your record, name “Ragdoll” could not be used to describe the cats produced. The name Cherubim had also been recorded by Ann at that time. So, even though the RagaMuffins they were in fact the cats Cherubim original, and that the logical thing would have been to keep Cherubim as breed name, the need arose for “change brand” to remain ethically faithful to their contracts.

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