Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz)
Alemania FCI 97 . European Spitz

Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz)

The Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) he is a loving and attentive dog, that is very people-oriented.



The Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) (Kleinspitz) is a variety of German Spitz, which today is available in five different sizes and in numerous colors. The exact origin of dogs spitz it is difficult to determine. In many regions there are indications of an early appearance of the breed. For example, in the terracotta pieces Mycenaean or in the Greek vases you can already find illustrations of similar dogs. From the Middle Ages, the Spitz guard and court dogs were popular, especially among the rural population. The obedient dogs took their duties as court protectors so seriously that they pinched the “intruders” on her calves. For this reason, Spitz was formerly considered a loved one.

At the beginning of directed breeding, all representatives of the breed with a height at the withers less than 29 centimeters were summarized under the term Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz). As it was mainly in the area of Mannheim, he was also known as “Mannheimer Spitz“. Only later did the Dwarf Spitz (Pomeranian) with a height at the withers of up to 22 centimeters developed as a separate variety. Internationally the breed belongs to the group 5 from FCI “Spitz and dogs of the original type” in the section 4 “European Spitz“.

Physical characteristics

With a height at the cross of 23 - 29 centimeters, the Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) is the second smallest of the five varieties of German Spitz. Just the Pomeranian (Zwergspitz) is smaller. His pointed ears and mischievous eyes resemble those of a fox and give him a playful and mischievous look. It has a dense and protruding coat, consisting of two layers. The top layer is soft and long, while the undercoat is soft and dense. Around the neck the fur forms a mane like that of a lion and the bushy tail is carried over the back. Most of the coat color is black, brown, white, orange and cloudy gray. But some tips are cream too, cream-saber, orange-saber, black and tan.

Character and skills

The Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) he is a loving and attentive dog, that is very people-oriented. Like all German Spitz, does not like to be alone and is glad of the full attention of their owners. They are quite reserved and distrustful of strangers. Puppies defend their territory with force and tend to bark when they are not trained. However, due to its charming nature and lack of hunting instinct, the little ones spitz they are also easy to train for beginners. With proper training you can take the dog off leash without any problem. Although he can sometimes be a bit rebellious and cheeky, the four-legged friend gets along with other dogs.

Kleinspitz Education

Despite its small size, the Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) he is a dog to be taken seriously and needs constant training. Therefore, show the puppy the basic rules from day one and do not allow him to do anything that he is not allowed to do as an adult dog. Don't let her charm and cuteness bewitch you. In the young years, dogs learn better and want to please their owner. When training the puppy, you should not rush anything and allow time for new orders. Success is best achieved with consistency and praise. Early socialization is very important, especially for the cheeky ones Spitz. In this way he learns to deal with other dogs and remains more relaxed in everyday life.. It is recommended to attend a puppy school or a trainer.

Activities with the little Spitz

The Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) he is a lively and attentive dog that loves to be by your side at all times. Daily walks are the order of the day with him in any weather. Dog sports such as agility are also suitable for sports workload. For the mental load you can provide with the intelligence toy. Smart tops are also known for their love of learning tricks and tricks. The loving Spitz is with a good education a pleasant companion dog. You can easily take it with you on vacation or on small trips.

Health and care Kleinspitz

Despite its long fur, the Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) it is not a breed that requires much care. Protruding hairs give it a natural firmness, that hardly tangles. Therefore, just comb the coat from time to time and remove any dirt. Your dog will be pleased with the extra care. However, during the coat change, the small spitz also need your help to get rid of superfluous hair. The Spitz it is also one of the least susceptible breeds in terms of health. Some members of the breed are susceptible to tartar, but it can be prevented by using chewing bone or a dog toothbrush.

Buy a Kleinspitz

Due to its size, the Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) it is also suitable for smaller homes and will be happy both in a city apartment and in a house. The most important thing is to give him enough exercise and not treat him like a lap dog. The cheerful and affectionate dog is well suited to singles or pensioners, but also fits in a family without problems. The puppy needs one or more caregivers who take care of it daily. So you should think carefully about buying a puppy from Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz) and not rush anything.

If you are sure that the breed suits you, you have to find a serious breeder. For a purebred puppy with papers and vaccines, many breeders charge up to 1.500 EUR. A laudable alternative is, therefore, a shelter dog. As the German Spitz they only differ in size, you will also be happy with a Pomeranian or a Mittelspitz (Standard or Medium Spitz).

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types
  • Section 4: European Spitz. Without working trial..

FCI breed standard "Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz)"

FCIFCI - Kleinspitz (Miniature or Small Spitz)
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