Cretan Hound
Hound of Crete

Kritikos Lagonikos

A Cretan Hound (Crete Hound) (in Greek: IΧΝΗΛΆΤΗΣ KΡΗΤΙΚΌΣ) It is a breed of dog originating in the island of Crete, in Greece. It is regarded as one of the oldest hunting breeds in Europe, with a history of each 4.000 years ago. There are documents of ago 3.500 years that speak of their existence. It is possible that their ancestors came from Africa, but they were subsequently adapted to this unique habitat of Crete, one island remote enough to host other unique species of animals, as for example the wild goat, the Lynx, and other.

This is a dog of many talents that comes directly from Crete.

It has an excellent sense of smell, speed, agility, resistance, It makes an exceptional Hare Hunter.

Hound of Crete or Cretan Hound is a thin dog, an intermediate point between a sniffer and a hound, Quick reflexes and high speed although the terrain is Rocky and dangerous. The head is wedge-shaped, with upright and very mobile ears that fold backwards as if it were a Greyhound in full pursuit. The tail is one of the most important characteristics of the breed, is long and curved upwards, forming as a ring.
The colors of this breed can range from: white, pure cream, sand, Beige, grey, striped or black, bi - or tri-color color.Its height is of 50 - 60 cm and the weight of 20 - 30 kg.

The Cretan Hound, is gentle, affectionate, noble, but tireless in the pursuit, is a quiet dog, it comes alive in the presence of dams, is clean, soft, elegant in form and movements. Somewhat reserved with strangers, is naturally curious and tolerant. The Cretan Hound, live happy together with other domestic animals, but mercilessly it will chase the neighbor cat! Excellent, friendly and very affectionate with children. Rarely ladra but will give notice when they reach strange home, in the cottages to be responsible for killing mice, rats and any vermin that go around the country.

It adapts very well to home life, likes children (When respect you), and like all dog, needs a proper exercise, walks, walks take it to places where they can run and to raise his instinct for Hunter.

Cretan Hound

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