Frisian water dog
Holanda FCI 221

Perro de Agua Frisón

The Frisian water dog is - virtually- unknown outside the Netherlands.

The Frisian water dog (Wetterhound. CRF not. 221) It is a breed of dog originating in Holland of small mammals and waterfowl hunting. The name comes from the Frisian language Wetterhûn, that means water dog.

It is a size medium, between 55 and 59 cm., weighing between 25 and 35 kg. Its mantle is thick and curly except for ears, head and legs, where is softer and his touch is greasy, allowing him to repel water.

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  • Otros nombres: Wetterhound / Perro de aguas de Frisia / Spaniel holandés / Friesische Wasserhund / Frisian Water Dog / Chien d’eau frison.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs.

Dogs breeds: Frisian water dog



The Wetterhound, was developed at least makes 400 years by a few breeders in the Dutch province of Friesland. Once the otters reduced its population, in the northern parts of the Netherlands, the breed was used for hunting small mammals on Earth as the skunks, and to look after the farms. It is a versatile dog, very effective, able to hunt and retrieve prey, both water and land.

Its fur is thick and curly, It covers the entire body except the head and limbs that have shorter hair. The colors of the mantle can be: liver & white, black and liver and white, solid black. It has a big strong head. The tail crimp on their part back when the dog is alert.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”345″]They are good with children in the family, When is treated with affection and without gross games.

The Wetterhound, It is a very intelligent dog and learn quickly, Despite being very independent so they are quite willing to refuse orders. Proper training is - completely- essential.

With strangers, the Wetterhound, It is always cautious and prepares to protect his house that it is necessary. You agree to other dogs and pets without any problem.

Dogs breeds: Wetterhound

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