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The Russian Blue was already accepted for a time as a natural blue race, similar to the chartreaux or the Korat. The breed declined at the beginning of the 20th century but recovered in the Decade of 1950.

More recently, It has been claimed that blue was the principal of this Russian race. In the Decade of 1970, the Australian Mavis Jones raised a White Russian cat with a black and a striped genes. The Russian black and white are accepted at Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, but not everywhere. The striped Russian has made less progress.


  • Ears: Large, slightly pointed.
  • Eyes: green almond-shaped, bright.
  • Head: short, writing and cuneiform.
  • Body: long, fine and thin with frame, well muscled, long tail.
  • Legs: Slim and long framework, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front.
  • Feet: small and slightly rounded.

The Russian Blue is a sleek cat, with a muscular body and stylized lines.
Its fur is unique among other races of short hair, as a special texture of double layer, with very thick subpelo. The colour of the mantle is a bluish-grey tone, with silver refejos, What is that the tips of the hairs are devoid of pigment.

The Russian Blue is known for being very intelligent, quiet and curious. Playful and sensitive to basic human emotions. They enjoy playing with a variety of toys and develop very loyal bonds with their loved ones. The Russian Blue is also known for wearing very well with other pets and children in a home. They are also known for being quiet and clean animals. They are normally reserved with strangers, unless is a very active family crie.

Care: The hair should be careful, you need to brush to prevent the flattening of the shelter.
material: Double metal comb (2 spacing of the teeth). A brush of natural cerda: wild boar or pork (smoother). Normally, making a good brushing against the tide once per week is enough. Use this brush carefully to avoid breaking the hair (Loos style, Mecha mecha). At the time of moulting (Spring and autumn) It should be combed to remove dead hair in the direction of hair growth (don't worry to see eliminated amount!) And finish with a brush against the grain.

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Ancestors of domestic cats of Russia.

Breeds of cats: Russian Blue

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