Kurilian Bobtail

Bobtail de las Islas Kuriles
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The Kurilian Bobtail is a breed of Russia. This Bobtail has not undergone genetic modification caused or calculated. No one has tried to change, is the nature which created the race. He lives in the Kuril Islands, in extreme climatic conditions of temperature and humidity.
These islands are located at the East end of Russia, in the North of the Pacific Ocean and extends over of 1200 km of the Kamchatka peninsula, on the border of North Japan. It's a chain of volcanoes – Hence the name – Kuril. All islands there are 40 active volcanoes. On the one hand, the Islands are bathed by the sea of Okhotsk, on the other side by the Pacific Ocean.

It is known that the short-tailed cats are in the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin for at least two hundred years, Although they were discovered only at the end of the 20th century.

In the Centre of Russia, the Kurilian Bobtail began to appear only in the middle of the last century. The military and geologists, He returned from the long voyages to the Islands, they brought with them the special short-tailed cat. But not too taken into account, Since even did not exist any feline Federation in Russia at that time. In the years 80 Some fans, that already had these amazing cats, they turned their attention to the race. In 1991, the feline Soviet Federation accepted the first standard of the Kurilian Bobtail. In 1995, the Kurilian Bobtail was accepted by the WCF. In 2004, they were allowed to participate in the Championships of FIFe.
We can say that the Kurilian Bobtail is currently one of the younger races and with the sympathy of many fans of cats in Russia. But even today, This bred animals are very rare.

The history of the emergence of this breed is purely hypothetical.
It is possible that they participated in its creation Siberian cats and Japanese short-tailed cats, He lived for some time in the Islands with their Japanese Masters.

But in all likelihood, the mutation of the tail of the cats that inhabit the Kuril Islands was carried out in parallel to the observed in cats of the Japanese islands due to the influence of the mutation and similar climatic conditions. However, to date nobody has studied the exact origins of this mutation.

Even now, It is not uncommon to see cats with low and irregular tail in the islands of Malaysia, Thailand and Burma. In some countries in Southeast Asia, It is virtually impossible to find the animal without the tail malformations. In this way, It is possible to presume that all mutations associated with the change in the structure of the tail are a common cause.

Although the Kurilian Bobtail, probably, the Japanese Bobtail-distant cousin, the difference in the second race is impressive. There is a common feature in the two races, the short tail. Other parts of the body differ significantly and surprisingly.
The Kurilian Bobtail has a compact body, strong and muscular, the rump and slightly high curved upper line.
The legs are strong and solid, the average length, the hind legs are longer than the Forelegs .. The feet are round and wide, lined with tufts of hair between the toes.

  • They have a large head and trapezoid, with contours rounded in broad cheekbones.
  • The nose is wide, straight, average length, with a light stop.
  • Chin broadband with a slightly rounded profile.
  • Medium-sized ears, well assorted and often adorned with a crest of hair.
  • His eyes are slightly inclined, highly placed, rounded or shaped nut.
  • The queue is full of hair. The deformation of the tail is not no anomaly associated with a healthy cats.
  • The coat can be short and semi-long. The mantle is dense, very fine and silky.
  • In the semilargo hair group, This is considerably longer at the bottom of the body, the stomach and legs.
    Virtually all colors are permitted, except the Siamese pattern, the Abyssinian specific agouti, chocolate, cinnamon, Beige, Lilac and all their combinations with white.

The harsh climate of the Kuril Islands has provided the Kurilian Bobtail a thicker skin, adaptadole in the style of wildlife – does not fall, almost no mess. On the Islands, the climate is very humid and the skin of animals has acquired an extraordinary property, It gets no wet.

The Kurilian Bobtail are large enough. In general, Males weigh in 5 - 7 kg, but it is not extkgño to see larger individuals, reaching a weight of 9 kg. The females are naturally less powerful, and weigh 3,5-5 kg.

The Bobtail usually live at home in the Kuril Islands, but there is also absolutely wild cats, the Kuril Islands are sparsely populated.

Breeds of cats: Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail likes to hunt all that is in the forest.
On the streets of the villages of the Kuril Islands, It is not uncommon to see these cats to run behind the dogs who do not have any fear. However, This proximity explains, in part, by how many cats (native cats, imported directly from the Islands) they have scars and torn ears.

This is a faithful animal, sociable, with the agility and developed intelligence. It adapts well to family life with children, with whom they share a multitude of games. They also adapt well to other animals and dogs.

At the same time, they are independent, and they are only suitable for those that can respect her strong personality and her need for independence. In addition, the Kurilian Bobtail will show their affection to a single person, a teacher who chooses the own Bobtail, relations with the rest of the family members can be complicated.

With the power and the length of its hind legs, the Bobtails can easily jump great heights. In a House, a tree would be a great need for this cat.

Another feature of the breed is the attraction with water. Fresh under a faucet or picking up the drops of the same. It is the duty sacred of all the representatives of this glorious race.

The long struggle of this race due to the severe conditions of the Kuril Islands has been beneficial for the development of their intelligence. This is a very intelligent and thoughtful cat.

Only once will do need to show what can be done or not. They receive the voice and intonation, It is not difficult to teach them to understand the orders, They even obey them according to personal mood. It can be adapted to all lifestyles, domesticated sport and turn. It does not fear nor the cold and heat. Its balanced nature makes it a very quiet cat.

Alternative names: Kuril Islands Bobtail / Kurilean Bobtail / Kuril Bobtail / Curilsk Bobtail

Breeds of cats: Kurilian Bobtail

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