The Elf they have been researched and developed in the United States.UU. by the breeder Karen Nelson. A solid foundation has been built using blood lines of many Elf breeders located in Arizona, California and Idaho. Currently the crosses involving domestic short hair are allowed, is any cat belonging to the domesticus Felis you are not registered as a recognized breed.

The Elf are being registered as an experimental breed by the International Cat Association (TICA).

Physical characteristics

Medium to large size, the Elf is a tough cat. In spite of this, Ideally, the cat shows a rounded belly. Curly ears come from their ancestorsAmerican Curl. Whiskers and eyebrows may or may not be present, If present, It is likely to be thin and slim. This race is covered with a thin, almost transparent fluff.

Character and skills

These cats are very intelligent. They are the feline equivalent of a poodle: loving, tender and happy in the lap of someone. Highly sociable and curious , they love being the center of attention.


Just as his ancestors the American Curl, the ears of these cats should be treated with care to avoid damaging the cartilage. With or without soft cover, the Elf need protection against UV rays. In addition, without hair, they react to heat and cold just like us. If your need a sweater, also needs it the Elf.

Long term health problems is unknown at this time.

Breeds of cats: Elf



Otros nombres: Canadian hairless, Sphynx.

Beardless cats have been documented for more than one century. The Sphinx dates back to a recessive mutation in Toronto, Canada, in 1978, Although the same mutation could have appeared there in the Decade of 1960. The Sphinx was created using at the Devon rex and it is accepted by the majority of the main records. However, the CCCF only registers Sphinxes to ensure that the mutation is not included in the lineage of the devon rex breeding.

The Sphinx, It is not truly hairless, It has a clear at the bottom, especially in the extremities. Highlights of wrinkled appearance, and the legacy of the devon rex is obvious. Farmers describe him as conceited, energetic and gregarious.

The Sphinx is lively, naughty, playful and independent. Friendly with other cats and dogs, they are not aggressive. Very caring and possessive, they love to be worshipped. Living in an apartment is perfect for them, they are sensitive to the cold, the heat and humidity. In winter, They must be fed with a diet high in calories to maintain their body temperature, slightly higher than normal. It should be kept out of direct light from the Sun, that may cause them severe burns. Unlike other cat breeds, the Sphinxes sudan through the skin and therefore they should be bathed regularly. The ears should be cleaned frequently, that produce a large amount of wax.


These races lack of fur to absorb oil; Therefore, have to wash them regularly, getting from small. The allergy can be seen as a hairless cat bathed frequently lives than a cat with hair without bathing.

Although vulnerable to sunburn and cold, their mutations were found first in street cats in countries with cold winters so they could be more resistant than appear.

Doll Faced Persian

Doll Faced Persian


The cat Doll Faced Persian He is regarded as a pure Persian cat breed. This race has not changed his physical appearance, but some farmers in the United States and other parts of the world began to interpret the rule differently.

There are two main classifications of the Persians, including the modern Peke-faced Persian with a flat face, seen more frequently in shows and the traditional Doll-face Persian with the mouth, face and nose well in front of the eyes.
The traditional Doll Faced Persian still retains the authentic Persian look: open face, round and seductive.

Physical characteristics

The majority of the Persians are medium to large in size and are usually classified as “Cobby“, It means robust short-legged. The Persian breasts are broader and deeper. A healthy Persian will have a good muscle tone when it is well maintained.

Character and skills

The Doll Faced Persian are known for their sweet and gentle nature. They hold security and serenity and patience will be adapted to most of the homes and environments.

The voice of a Persian is quiet and doesn't irritate ears, like some other races. They have expressive faces and beautiful eyes used to communicate with their owners. They tend to be patient, instead of assets, with his feet on the ground, preferring to keep their feet on dry land, instead of climbing up the curtains.

The Doll Faced Persian are lovers of fun, requiring little, just a little care affection. Good fellow. They are wonderful pets for people of all ages.

Breeds of cats: Doll Faced Persian


Don Sphynx


The Don Sphynx or Donskoy born as a race in 1987 with the discovery of a cat without hair in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don by the breeder Elena Kovaleva.

It has nothing to do with the best known breed of hairless cat Sphynx, also known as Canadian hairless, whose characteristic baldness is caused by a recessive gene , While the Donskoy baldness is caused by a dominant gene.

The Donskoy It was officially recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF) in 1997, and by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2005.

Physical characteristics

The breed standard describes the Donskoy as a cat size medium and muscular, with big ears, almond eyes, and long toes, webbed. This cat needs frequent cleaning despite their lack of coat. Bathroom excess can cause the skin to become very oily.

The race Peterbald It was originally created by the crossing of the Donskoy with Siamese and East to create the Eastern type hairless cat. Mating between Donskoy and Peterbald are no longer allowed.

Nobody seems to be able to remain indifferent in the face of a Donskoy.

The skin of the Don is similar to human skin: He sweats when they are hot and Tan if the Sun is too strong. With the cold, it seems that their bodies accumulate fat in an area known as belly fat to disappear when they return the warm seasons.

Character and skills

They like to be with people and to make company wherever you go. They are very active and creative, very friendly with anyone who they are and do adapt to almost any situation. These cats are easily trained to easily follow voice commands.

The Donskoy have lengthened their webbed fingers and are able to make things with their hands (the small hands of monkey). the fingers of his legs are very similar to human fingers.

It is a particularly intelligent cat with a loving nature and a look that hypnotizes.


Due to their high body temperature, the Donskoy need more food than other breeds. Their high body temperature also helps that the gift to resist those infections. The adult Donskoy have high immunity to most diseases, but it is important to keep them away from places with air currents.

Eating is the best pastime to the Donskoy. Russian experts recommend a type of first quality food. The gift is a great connoisseur of special cuisine. Always appreciate something new, something that would never be considered as food suitable for cats, for example, raw potatoes, fresh tomatoes, cabbage in vinegar, Watermelon, Apple and kiwi, Spaghetti, peas and maize – We know that it is a cat that likes specially cakes and fresh bread.

Breeds of cats: Don Sphynx

Alternative names: Don Hairless / Don Sphynx

Photo: petsfoto.com




With the diversity of breeds of cats that exist today, without a doubt, the best known is the domestic cat, or as affectionately known in English “moggie“.

There are some facts about the common cat. Color turtle jacks, for example, they are almost always female, being always sterile males of this color. Completely white cats are usually deaf, While the speckled Orange tend to be males, Hence the name “Ginger tom” (red-haired cat).

Physical characteristics

As they do not meet any specific standard, recently a special category has included in exhibitions to introduce domestic cats. But with his mind, even his temperament and ability to adapt to any environment, It is easy to understand why these cats are a few excellent companions and have become one of the most famous cats of the world.

You can find cats of many colors, coat patterns and sizes, fit all personal tastes. These resilient creatures are usually short and easy to care for hair, so the necessary care tend to be minimum, Although it is possible to find any length hair.

Domestic cats often live to the 12 years, But if they are well cared for and fed can come to the 15 years.

It is a medium or large size cat; the females usually weigh a maximum of 6,5 kg and males up 9 kg.

Character and skills

These charming cats will be happy playing with animals of their kind or with any animal that has learned to respect other cats and to play with them without any problems.

The home is suitable for anyone and lifestyle. To be safe and happy, a tightly closed House is essential and the owners must be willing to give him love and a lot of toys to make it entertaining.

Source: whiskas.es

Breeds of cats: Domestic cat

Devon Rex

Devon Rex


The origins of the Devon Rex They consisted of a mutation of the curly hair, succeeded in Devon in 1960. This breed of cats have a recessive gene (the dominant gene mutated), which is responsible for the normal and smooth hair of the devon rex. The first devon rex was discovered in Buckfastleigh, Devon, (England) in 1960 among a litter of wild kittens near a mine abandoned Tin. The breed was initially intended to be linked to the cornish rex, but this did not get good results.

Physical characteristics

The Devons, they are medium-sized cats, they are often called “Cat pixie” or “alien cats” due to its unique appearance. Their huge ears are low inclusion on the sides of their wide heads , their eyes are large.

Unlike most of the cats whiskers are very short and, often curled to such an extent that it may seem to have no whiskers. His body is clearly light structure. Their long and strong legs are ideal for long jumps, and their toes are too big.

There are Devon Rex in all colors.

Character and skills

The typical Devon is active, naughty, playful and is very people-oriented. Have been described as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey “a monkey with a cat suit”).

They are often found in the corners and recesses of a wardrobe , Bookshelf , or basket of clothes. The Devons prefer to be in high places and make it possible to reach the highest point in a room.

They are relatively easy to care for. The majority of the Devons also have a central character who dedicated his love. Like jumping happily and love to play throughout their lives.

They are a very intelligent breed and can be trained to walk on a leash, do all sorts of tricks, usually associated with the canine.

Another common trait is their demonstration of affection: they have a predilection special by being close to the head or the neck of his human companions and often find themselves montadados on the shoulder of its owner. The Devon Rex is a faithful companion and generally follows the object of affection of a room to another, waiting for the chance to take a leap into his arms, legs, or the shoulder.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Andreas – photography – Flickr

Breeds of cats: Devon Rex

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Dragon Li

Dragon Li


The Dragon Li He is regarded as a domestic breed of wild subspecies of the Chinese cat, Felis silvestris bieti. Was first recognised as a breed at the end of 2003.

Also known as the “Li Hua Mau”, the “Li Hua Mao” and the “Mao Li”.

Physical characteristics

It has strong body, powerful, thick, muscular legs. Their legs are round, and the tail is of medium length. The layer of the Li Dragon is a unique golden brown. It has a round head and large eyes, bright almond-shaped. Her eyes are green or yellow. The ears are rounded and medium-sized in the tips, with distinctive inflection.

Character and skills

The Dragon Li is very intelligent and a good companion. These cats are very active and love to play. They are loyal animals, but not too affectionate. However, they are not demanding. They are independent and get along well with other pets. They are tolerant with children.

They adapt better to households with a lot of space so they can be active. Although it can tolerate for children, they are not ideal pets for households with small children. If children are under the age of ten years or so, the Dragon Li is probably not the ideal cat.

Breeds of cats: Dragon Li

Photo: catdiaries.com.au

European short hair

Europeo de pelo corto

The European short hair short hair corresponds to an average European domestic cat, It has developed course, without any breeding plan.

European short hair has its counterparts in Great Britain ( British Shorthair ) and EE.UU. ( American Shorthair ).

Was not up 1982, When the FIFE registered the European type of short hair as a breed apart with its own standard.

It is also called Celtic short hair (Go to this link to view more features)

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