Havana Brown

Habana marrón

Siamese ancestry, Russian Blue, household cats.
Chocolate colors
Records of CFA breeds, TICA

In the world of cats, the Havana Word has two different meanings. Britain developed a uniform chocolate type Siamese cat in the Decade of 1950; the color was called Havana, but the race was recorded as chestnut brown alien, and in the end it became part of the oriental short hair. Brown chestnut foreigners were also exported to United States, where they became the founders of a Havana Brown called separate race.

The Havana Brown, very rare, Slim and elegant, with a head and body long, but it is less extreme form than the Eastern pelocorto. The Russian Blue was used in the development of the breed, that more or less still Russian lineages. The smooth, compact fur is warm brown. Due to the influence of the Russian Blue dilute recessive gene, sometimes born lilas, Although not recognized in the exhibitions. This gregarious and live race is less noisy than most of the Oriental types.

The head long and thin close in a slender snout with a 'crushing' distinctive just behind the pads of the whiskers. Chin has a strong profile and the whiskers are brown or lilac as a complement to the colour of the fur.

The Havana is an elegant and graceful cat, is a very active breed. Loves to play hide and seek and skip behind furniture to surprise people, There is also an excellent climber.

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